Amanda Herman & Martha Herman

I accidentally made a household that was randomly generated playable. Since I have the playable ones set to only age when I play them, this house wouldn’t age unless I played them or switched them back. I tried very briefly to switch them back, and when I didn’t see the option immediately I decided to play them. I couldn’t find any information about them in the wiki, so it is my belief these two ladies are randomly generated, if not please let me know.

I was confused by them for a bit…they share a last name, but are not related, nor are they married. They are merely roommates. They don’t resemble each other either. I decided that they must both have the same last name, in a totally unrelated way, met each other, and decided to be roommates.

11-29-14_5-23 PM

Here is the large and lovely house the Hermans live in.

11-29-14_5-25 PM

Here is Amanda on the left cooking some Mac n’ Cheese for dinner, and Martha on the right chatting with her.

11-29-14_5-25 PM-2

Their life goals are very, very different. Amanda wants to have a family, and have that family be successful. Martha wants to be public enemy #1- a famous criminal. One could argue that depending on your definition of success, one could accomplish both these goals…but I don’t think either of them have plans to start a successful family of criminal masterminds.

11-29-14_5-28 PM

Martha is a dastardly and self-assured evil art lover who gets bored listening to Amanda whine about her pathetic life.

11-29-14_5-28 PM-2

Amanda is a domestic and gloomy noncommittal glutton who finds Martha obnoxious and rude.

I have no idea why they are roommates.

11-29-14_5-30 PM

After dinner, it is time for bed.

11-29-14_5-31 PM

Curiously, Martha has let Amanda claim the larger upstairs room with the bigger bed.

11-29-14_5-34 PM

Amanda likes to collect children’s toys. I think she is saving them for her hypothetical future children.

11-29-14_5-34 PM-2

In the morning, Martha stumbles out of the bedroom in her pjs to watch some show on the romance channel.

11-29-14_5-38 PM

While Amanda oversees the installation of a new swimming pool.

11-29-14_5-40 PM

Martha is psyching herself up in the mirror before unleashing herself onto the world.

11-29-14_6-26 PM

While Martha makes plans to go to the park, Amanda invites her friend Finely Beaver (yes, that is her real name) over.

11-29-14_6-28 PM

Martha invades this guy’s private chess session to tell him some jokes.

11-29-14_6-29 PM

And then proceeds to annoy him incessantly.

11-29-14_6-30 PM

While chess man is running away, Martha runs into on of her friends, Adam.

11-29-14_6-30 PM-2

She gives him a hard time and throws out a few insults.

11-29-14_6-32 PM

But he finds it funny…this must be why they are friends.

11-29-14_6-32 PM-3

Then she slaps him- for no reason.

11-29-14_6-32 PM-4 11-29-14_6-32 PM-5

And it all went downhill from there.

11-29-14_6-34 PM

Amanda bought another toy- a llamacorn.

11-29-14_6-35 PM

And then went for an evening dip.


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