Marina: Day 7

This is part of my “Community Sims” series where readers of this blog help create the Sims I use. Check out the rest of the posts here.  And please, feel free to vote in the most current poll to help me design the next community sim!

So far, you have decided that Marina should pursue the maximum level of gardening achievement and become friends with Travis and Summer. You also decided she should not pursue a relationship with Travis just yet. She is allowed to pursue three of her own whims per day, regardless as to whether or not that match our goals for her.

Willowcreek: Day 7

Day off!

11-28-14_8-45 PM

It did not start out so well! My shower broke and I had to spend the morning fixing that.

11-28-14_8-47 PM

I then felt like gardening, and planted something new.

11-28-14_8-50 PM

I was in the mood to chat with someone, so I took a walk outside down the street to see if I could meet anyone new, and I ran into Travis. We chatted for a very long time. I then went back home to eat dinner and take care of my plants some more.

11-28-14_8-55 PM

After dinner, Travis knocked on my door and we hung out some more.

11-28-14_8-55 PM-2

11-28-14_8-56 PM

11-28-14_8-58 PM

Some last minute gardening before bed.

11-28-14_8-59 PM

I came back inside to discover my fridge had broke! I couldn’t afford a replacement, so I stayed up late fixing it.

Does Marina spend the time to cook each and every meal from scratch (and using food from her garden when possible)? Or does she prefer to spend her time gardening and outside, and is therefore fine with canned soup, frozen meals, and simple salads? Cooking from scratch takes time and costs money, but you are rewarded with healthier (fills hunger need more), better tasting (more satisfying moodlets) meals.




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