Community Sim #3: Aspiration (part 2), Also- updates!

So, after a short break for some Prison Architect (such a good game!) and wedding planning, I fell back to playing the Sims last night. This was primarily due to a huge Sims 4 announcement that happened yesterday! We are to receive 3 major content patches: one in October (already out!) with ghosts, one in November with pools, and one in December with new careers (my favorite). This recent patch with the ghosts also contained new eye colors, spooky gnomes, and some Star Wars costumes. Great stuff! So glad they are listening to their fans!

I’ve been updating the score page often, so keep checking in. We don’t have any right yet (especially thanks to having to reinstall the game, it apparently resets the achievements!), but you can view the list of achievements to get an idea of what my goals are. I’ve added in the ones that came with yesterday’s patch.

I finished a Day with Marina and have another post to write, but I forgot to upload the images and I’m away from my laptop- ugh! So, today we’ll just continue working on Sim #3.

So…who is this guy? Help me create him and then help me play him. Vote in the polls and watch him transform! Feel free to leave additional suggestions, ideas, plausible life stories and potential names in the comments!!!

We had a tie on the last poll! What does #3 aspire to? What is his purpose and focus in life? Vote below!



If we go with athletics, he’ll become obsessed with physical fitness and working out.

If we choose food, we’ll have some additional options…gourmet chef? comfort food? bartender extraordinaire?

Deviance also provides a bit of options…he can pursue a life of lies and pranks but no harm, or he can become a master criminal.


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