Marina: Day 2

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This was my second day in my new home in Willow Creek.

09-24-14_9-56 PM

I started off the morning my attempting to cook myself some scrambled eggs. I had a bit of trouble (they stuck to the pan), but they were edible….I guess.

09-24-14_10-00 PM

Before I left for work, I watered and tended to my plants.

Oh my gosh. Work was so stressful today. I had to spend an extra long time correcting the work of this author who did not take criticism well. I came home in a pretty tense mood.

09-24-14_10-03 PM

Since I’m a fairly social person, I decided it would be a good idea to spend some time with nice people to help improve my mood. So, I knocked on my neighbors’ door again (hopefully they aren’t finding me too pushy!).

09-24-14_10-04 PM

Travis was home, playing video games, so I hung out in his room while he played a game and we chatted about a lot of stuff. By the time I had left, my mood was much brighter.

09-24-14_10-07 PM-2

I was tired and hungry, though. So, I made some dinner (mac n’ cheese…it came out okay) and went to bed. I should have done some more reading for work, but I was so exhausted.



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