Marina: Day 1

This is part of my “Community Sims” series where readers of this blog help create the Sims I use. Check out the rest of the posts here.  And please, feel free to vote in the most current poll to help me design the next community sim!


This morning was my first day here in Willow Creek. I had an overwhelming feeling of deja vu today, along with a mysterious feeling of loss, and I don’t know why. No matter, time for a fresh start! And I think this day went pretty darn well!

This is my new home. It came fully furnished. I had a few options in town, but I chose this one because it was named “Daisy Hovel”, and I love flowers.

09-23-14_7-20 PM

The first thing I did today was purchase some planters for the outside porch. It needs some cheering up. I purchased some flower seeds, and some grape seeds.

09-23-14_7-23 PM

I also purchased a new sofa. Honestly, it looks just like the one that came with the house, but a different color. I wanted something snazzier than just tan.

09-23-14_7-23 PM-2

I took a job as a writer’s assistant. I don’t start until tomorrow, but they recommended that I spend time reading everyday to improve my job performance, so I took a much needed break on my new sofa to do a bit of reading.

09-23-14_7-24 PM

For dinner, I’m not much of a cook, so I made myself a simple salad. Someday, I hope to making food with ingredients harvested from my backyard.

09-23-14_7-27 PM

I wanted to start making friends in the area, so I went to my neighbor’s house for a visit.

09-23-14_7-31 PM

I found two ladies in the garden watering plants…though they turned out to not be my neighbors. I’m not really sure what they were doing.

09-23-14_7-31 PM

When I finally actually met the people next door, I discovered they are very nice! Well, I only met two of the three. They are three roommates, all about my age. Travis is a nerdy computer guy who works in the tech industry. He is very outgoing and friendly. He’s really smart and into programming and video games. Liberty is a geek too, but in a different way. She reads a lot and wants to be an astronaut. Summer is the third roommate, whom I didn’t meet, but I learned that she works as a dishwasher, but aspires to be a chef.

09-23-14_7-33 PM

09-23-14_7-33 PM-2


The Sims 4 has in game achievements. And I, of course, have a goal to complete them all. What goals should Marina help me work toward right now? (The poll only contains ones she may be applicable for right now based on her job/personality. The real list is much longer.).






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