The Loves & Life of Donny Winklecheeks

We didn’t meet  Donny until he was already past his prime. It has been said that back in the day, Donny was quite the ladies man. Donny was an outgoing and charismatic fellow, he had many friends and even more girlfriends.

09-06-14_3-02 PM

By the time he moved to Willow Creek he was retired.

He loved knock-knock jokes and romantic comedies on TV.

09-06-14_3-04 PM

He spent his days hanging out on the path by the river near his home. He would flirt with all the older ladies passing by making them feel young again. 

09-06-14_7-10 PM


09-06-14_7-07 PM

09-06-14_7-14 PM

He also met ladies at the library. 

09-12-14_8-28 PM

He liked to eat on the couch while watching TV.

09-06-14_7-55 PM

And was fond of afternoon naps.

09-06-14_7-56 PM

He became friends with his neighbor, Marina.

09-07-14_3-24 PM-2 09-07-14_3-39 PM

He worked out at the gym when he felt angry.

09-06-14_3-19 PM

He took single older ladies out on dates.

09-07-14_8-51 PM 09-06-14_8-08 PM

Until one day, his heart gave out during an epic romp in the sack.

09-06-14_8-14 PM 09-12-14_9-31 PM 09-12-14_9-31 PM-2 09-12-14_9-31 PM-3

And that is the last we’ll know of Donny Winklecheeks.

09-12-14_9-27 PM-3



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