Waiting for a Marina update?

I will definitely have one shortly. This week has been a bit busy, so my play hours have been sort of low, but more importantly….I LOVE THE GAME. A lot. So, I’ve been playing instead of blogging. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve had time to play both Rebecca and Marina, though, and they are doing very well. I will have posts about them up shortly, along with my first impressions of the game.ย 

I also need to figure out how I want to do my next Sim. Should it be another community-made Sim, or should I go back to individual forms? Are you, as a reader, more attached to the Sims you create with the form? Or is it more fun to make a single Sim and see it evolve overtime?

I’m open to both…I just like having outside forces on my game…it makes it more fun, challenging, and realistic for me.ย 

I know I definitely want MORE Sims though…the Sims 4 allows for rotational gameplay (like the Sims 2) so it’s easier to manage multiple households in the same world (so, yes, Marina & Rebecca may meet someday!). I prefer this style and I’m excited to have it back.

If you play the Sims 4, or simply just have the CAS demo (it’s FREE), and are a follower of this blog, I would be happy to play that Sim for you!


2 thoughts on “Waiting for a Marina update?

  1. I like the way we created the last 2 Sims. I felt involved without having to decide every detail filling out a form myself. And then I don’t feel like I lost out if my Sim doesn’t get voted in.

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