Community Sim #2.0!

I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun making my first “Community Sim” over at my personal blog Cat Nerd. Since I plan on polling before making life-altering decisions for the Community Sims, I’m going to need more than one to play in between! Also, the mechanics of the Sims 4 (pausing aging when you leave a house, like Sims 2) will lend itself well to having multiple Community Sims in the same save. They can meet and interact, but none of them will move on with their lives until I play them.

However, it would take up too much space on my personal blog- which is supposed to have other things as well- to have more than 1 Sim there. Therefore, Sim #1 and her stories will reside there, and the rest will live in this space for those who enjoy all the different stories and don’t mind be harassed with polls. 🙂 Check out Sim #1 at Cat Nerd for more info on this.

So, let’s begin Community Sim #2.



Thanks for participating!


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