We have a Winner! Meet your next Bachelor!!!

Finally after MONTHS of polling (we won’t be doing THAT again). We have chosen our next Bachelor!

Let’s see if we can find this lonely police officer with a heart of gold a partner!




Think you can make the perfect girl (or guy!) for George? You are welcome to submit your very own contestant!

The pool of contestants for George’s Bachelor Challenge will consist of:

  • Unmatched contestants from Chauncey & Sebastian’s runs. Check them out here.
  • Descriptions of contestants that YOU submit by filling out a simple (but kinda long) google doc form. You do NOT need to have the game or even be familiar with it. I walk you through the process. Once you submit your form, I will take that information and make your Sim (subject to my interpretation of your answers). Then you can follow along and route for your Sim! You can find the form here.
  • Sims already created by readers who play the game. If you have a pre-made Sim (such as a Simself) you’d like to submit, go here. Note you’ll need to upload your Sim to the exchange and provide me a link.

Possible contestants so far: Frenchie, Tamina, Sara, Lisa, Asara-Bell, Astoria, Shana, Belle, Ally, Scarlett, Selina and Scarlet G.

I’m still accepting contestants and will do so for a couple days until I get things set-up and ready to go.

If you give a shout-out to the Sim you want to see in the challenge below, I will definitely make sure they take part in the challenge. I would rather cater to the folks who follow along with the stories. 🙂




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