Decision Bachelor #3: Round 15 FINAL ROUND

Welcome to Round 15 of the choosing of the third Bachelor. This is the FINAL round!* If you’d like to have a contestant participate in the actual challenge, head over to Submit a Contestant– be sure to do so soon! I won’t be able to wait very long after we’ve chosen the next Bachelor. I have a hankering for a Bachelor challenge. :p

*As long as results aren’t tied

Other Challenges: I’m all caught up on completion challenge posts. Hopefully, I’ll find some more time to play soon….

Results of Round 14:

Two bachelors were eliminated this past round:

#21- Ace

Screenshot-1400 Screenshot-1401

Job: Test Subject

Favorites: key lime pie, lime, electronica

Traits: insane, virtuoso, computer whiz, daredevil, grumpy

Lifetime Wish: to become a creature-robot crossbreeder

Age: young adult

Location: Bridgeport (a bustling city with an active night life)

Hobbies: playing video games, hacking, learning how to play different musical instruments, playing with fire, eating dirt, skinny dipping, riding mechanical bulls, doing extreme things, fishing in swimming pools, pretending to be an animal, talking about conspiracies, using a toilet as a chair, speaking madness, and eating fruit until I am full

Skills: none

Children: none

#23- Quinn

Screenshot-1404 Screenshot-1405

Job: Investigative Reporter

Favorites: cookies, Irish green, kids

Traits: good sense of humor, excitable, genius, charismatic, friendly

Lifetime Wish: to become a star news anchor

Age: adult

Location: Dragon Valley (a peaceful valley where elves and baby dragons roam)

Hobbies: telling jokes, hanging out with friends, making new friends, playing chess, deep conversations, math, writing

Skills: charisma- 2, logic- 2, writing- 5

Children: none

 Round 14: I don’t have any friends, or enemies.

Round 15: Anything else?

In this round, we see if there is any additional information the contestants haven’t revealed!

#4- Moe Pesce


Job: Medical Intern

Favorites: spaghetti, orange, classical music

Traits: loves the outdoors, handy, workaholic, good sense of humor, angler

Lifetime Wish: to have the perfect garden

Age: young adult

Location: Barnacle Bay (a warm island once inhabited by pirates and fishermen)

Hobbies: outside activities (fishing, gardening, hiking), fixing stuff, working from home, telling jokes, sports

Skills: logic- 3, athletics- 9, fishing- 4

Children: none

Friend: 5

Enemies: 2

You should know that I’m considered a minor celebrity in town. Not by choice, I’m alright with the quiet life of an outdoorsman, but my ex-girlfriend is a celebrity. Besides finding someone to settle down with, my current interests are 1) to become a better gardener, and 2) to purchase a telescope.

#22- Riley Cromos

Screenshot-1402 Screenshot-1403

Job: Pastry Chef

Favorites: veggie burgers, grey, pop

Traits: family-oriented, friendly, frugal, good sense of humor, natural cook

Lifetime Wish: to become a five star chef

Age: adult

Location: Dragon Valley (a peaceful valley where elves and baby dragons roam)

Hobbies: spending time with family and friends, being frugal, telling jokes, cooking, working out, playing sports

Skills: cooking- 5, athletic- 2

Children: Zoe (child)

Friends: 1 (Zoe)

Enemies: none

Other things you should know? Hmm…I haven’t been in a relationship since Zoe’s mom, and I’ve pretty much kept to myself the last several years, but I’d like to change that. My current desires are to buy a planter for the house, buy a new toybox for Zoe, and to learn a new recipe.

#36- George Dean

Screenshot-1408 Screenshot-1409

Job: Patrol Officer

Favorites: cheesesteak, Irish Green, Latin music

Traits: family-oriented, brave, good, athletic, friendly

Lifetime Wish: to have a large family

Age: young adult

Location: Riverview (a serene little town nestled on a winding river)

Hobbies: spending time with family and friends, trying to make the world a better place, working out, playing sports, playing chess, tutoring schoolchildren

Skills: athletic- 2, logic-2

Children: none

Friends: 3

My parents, Bennie and Lonnie, live nearby and I see them often. Currently, I’m looking to buy a decorative planter for my deck, and question a suspect on a case I’m working on for work.

Host Note: Is there a sale on planters or something?

Choose your Bachelor! Who do you want to be the next Bachelor?!


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