Romance Island: Week 2, Part 3

Romance Island places 8 Sims in a romantic setting with the hope that the Sims will form couples on their own free will. Couples are then played as part of the Completion Challenge. Check out the Romance Island tag for all previous posts about this challenge!


Last time, the group went to the spring festival and Dumpster Dan replaced the deceased Oscar.



The second one-on-one date was Ariel and Harry who spent the night at a resort. Dinner was grilled on the patio.


They followed up dinner by toasting marshmallows for dessert. They talked for awhile around the campfire, but that was pretty much the extent of their date. Despite the lack of activity, they still had a good time.



The second group date was to a local park.


Romancers had free reign of all the parks many activities.


Harry and Charlie still don’t get along well.


Harry playing hacky sack, or whatever they call it in the Sims universe.





Harry and Johnra are also not getting along so well.


The third date of the week was Paul and Charlie who went to a remote, but furnished, small island.


Charlie and Paul played frisbee, chatted while lying in the sun, and listened to some local music.


By the end of the week, it started to become clear who the first couple was going to be. Harry and Ariel were the first kiss on the island.



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