Introducing Dumpster Dan to Romance Island


Dumpster Dan was an emergency replacement for Oscar on Romance Island. I abandoned Dumpster’s challenge since he didn’t contribute in anyway toward the Completion Challenge, and he was just hanging out in the Sim Bin awaiting a purpose.

Dumpster Dan’s challenge involved attempting to make a living off of dumpster diving. Sadly, he never found certain key objects- like a bed or sink/shower- in the dumpster and his life was not a happy one (he had an AMAZING bug collection though).

I’ve developed a certain fondness for Dumpster, despite the fact his traits don’t make him a particularly likable person. I hope he is able to find love on Romance Island and someday contribute to the Completion Challenge.

Dumpster Dan


  • Unlucky
  • Commitment Issues
  • Mooch
  • Eco-friendly
  • Childish

Lifetime Wish: Living in the Lap of Luxury (read: be wealthy)


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