Romance Island: Week 2, Part 2

Romance Island places 8 Sims in a romantic setting with the hope that the Sims will form couples on their own free will. Couples are then played as part of the Completion Challenge. Check out the Romance Island tag for all previous posts about this challenge!

When we last left off, the Grim Reaper was coming to claim the soul of Oscar after he died in a tragic grill fire shortly after having an amazing date with Ariel.


A clearly upset and traumatized Ariel begged for Oscar’s life. The Reaper’s only offer was to play a game of chess for the life of Oscar. If she beat the Reaper, he’d spare Oscar’s life.


Ariel tried her best, but chess is not something she is skilled in.



The Reaper claimed the soul of Oscar, and they buried his body on site.


Everyone was devastated by the death of Oscar. He was such a great guy, and he was making friends quickly. It brought a lot of folks together, actually, as they attempted to console one another.


Harry had also been doing quiet well with Ariel before the incident. In fact, Ariel and Harry are set to be the second date couple for this week. Harry’s friendship and comfort became quiet important to Ariel during this trying time.


The gang attended the springfestival for their next group date. For some odd reason, they all decided to mourn Oscar at the exact same time while viewing the face painting tent.


Abby and Dumpster Dan, the newest addition to Romance Island, played horseshoes together at the festival. We’ll do an introduction post for Dumpster Dan soon.


The spring festival is a time to celebrate love. Some couples tried out the “Love Test Machine”…Charlie and Paul got a positive result! Yes, that is totally a rainbow painted on Paul’s cheek…it may also involve a unicorn. The man is certain of his masculinity.


The fun of the day was constantly interrupted by the mourning of Oscar. He would have loved this festival.


I don’t remember why he’s dripping wet. Spring rain shower? But Dumpster Dan tries to start a dance party.


Before they left the festival, Dumpster got his face painted. Here he is back at the house.


We’ll end with a group photo taken at the festival.




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