Romance Island: Week 2, Part 1

Romance Island is a challenge where I take 8 Sims (submitted by participants) and toss them on an island in a Romantic setting (a luxurious mansion in a tropical environment). I coordinated various romantic activities for them, such as hotel stays, beach trips and scuba-diving; but leave their personal interactions to their freewill and/or mutual wishes. If a couple forms a serious romantic relationship, they will be moved off the island and pursue their own storyline. Remaining contestants will stay on the island, and fresh blood will be thrown into the mix.

Last time, we had just finished Week 1. No romances had sprung up on the island, but there was lots of flirting going on. 

Three individual dates will occur during Week 2, along with two group dates. Individual dates will be between couples with the highest mutual relationship score.


By far, the couple who has progressed the most in their relationship is Ariel and Oscar. Already good friends, these two are on the fast track to a happy ending. Therefore, they are the first couple to head out on a romantic date with just the two of them. First up, they sailed to a local beach.


They spent the day enjoying each other’s company, but also enjoying comfortable periods of downtime napping on the beach or reading.


In the evening, the rains came, but it didn’t stop them from continuing to have a good time.


Truly, they look like the belong together…and belong on this island, for that matter.


Ariel spent a little too long out in the rain. She managed to make it back to the mansion, but before getting inside she fell down frozen on the lawn. Ouch! Lucky, other Romancers were nearby and able to assist.


Kilgore spends a lot of time playing games. It’s definitely his number one pastime.


The following day, it was still a bit chilly out, but Oscar decided to head outside to grill some hot dogs for everyone, anyway.


Disaster! The hot dogs and grill caught on fire! And then Oscar caught on fire as well!


Chaos ensued. The fire department was notified. Folks grabbed extinguishers.


Sadly, it was too late for Oscar. The Grim Reaper was on his way!


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