After the Bachelor: Jules & Sebastian are seeing double

When we last left Jules and Sebastian, they were expecting a bundle of joy to arrive soon. They were both wishing for a girl.


They continued to prepare the nursery. Last time, they had moved out all the furniture and purchased a rocking chair. Next, it was time to do the walls, and install a nice carpet.


They then filled the nursery with a crib, a playpen, and some toys….



Along with a changing station, a swing, and a potty chair (it’s a bit early for that, but they wanted to make sure there was room for everything!)


Sebastian wasn’t home when Jules went into labor, and Jules decided the fastest method of getting to the hospital was on her broomstick. I can’t imagine that that was the most comfortable option, though.


Thankfully, Sebastian was able to meet her there to help get her and their TWIN BOYS home! Yes, twin boys. Sounds like trouble! Welcome to the world Verne and Ansel!


Time to move the furniture around in the nursery!


They may not be what Jules and Sebastian (or I, the moderator who had planned on them having ONE girl) ordered, but everyone seems to be happy, healthy and well-loved.

Summary: Jules & Sebastian

Lifetime Wishes:

  • Jules- Become the CEO of Megacorporation (Business 8)
  • Sebastian- Become an International Super Spy (Law Enforcement 10)

Current Wishes:

  • Jules- Level 5 of career, increase cooking skill, have daughter
  • Sebastian- Play hopscotch with Cassidy Earthsong, reach level 5 of career, have a daughter, bob for apples


  • Jules- Report Processor (Business 3)
  • Sebastian- Traffic Cop (Law Enforcement 4)


  • Jules- Athletic 6, Cooking 6, Fishing 2, Handiness 1, Alchemy 1
  • Sebastian- Athletic 10, Cooking 3, Fishing 2, Logic 2, Social Networking 2, Alchemy 1

Current Goals and Happenings:

  • Jules & Sebastian try to have family dinners on Sundays since they have several relatives in town
  • The current season is fall
  • Points added to completion challenge: 0
  • We are currently focused on completing Jules and Sebastian lifetime wishes, which are also their career goals. They need to accomplish these in order to earn any points for the completion challenge.
  • In addition to LTW, Jules is practicing magic and Sebastian is working on an athletic challenge.

New Arrivals:

  • Verne- artistic, easily impressed
  • Ansel- genius, easily impressed

Upcoming Posts: Romance Island Week 2, Round 9 of Bachelor Voting



2 thoughts on “After the Bachelor: Jules & Sebastian are seeing double

    • I have three young kids to contend with at Chauncey and Angela’s place. No other families are allowed to have kids until these guys are child or older. There is only so much crying I can deal with, even if it’s in Simlish.

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