Decision Bachelor: Round 8

Decision: Bachelor #3

Who will be the next Bachelor? YOU decide!

Thank you to everyone that participated in Round 7! We had 5 people vote, which was a bit low, but I’ll take it. I know I lost readers during my extended hiatus!

Note: You do not have to have participated in previous rounds to vote in this one!

Reminder: the Bachelor’s numbers will be the SAME. So if you have already picked out a couple potential favorites, keep an eye out for their answers. I plan on trying to include previous answers with each number. However, they will be abbreviated versions, so go back to previous rounds to see the full question and answer.

Round 7: Results

Based on the poll results, 6 Bachelors have been eliminated from the competition! 

Questions from Round 7: What color is your hair? Do you want children?

  • 28) My hair is black. No, way man, no kids. I knocked up my ex-girlfriend already. I haven’t even met that kid and I know its enough. (Pastry chef; Cheesesteaks; Party Animal; Grey; 5-star Chef; YA; Lucky Palms; Kids; Likes the outdoors; sunglasses; party animal; fit)
  • 12) I have black hair. I don’t know, that never even struck me as a possibility.  (Traffic cop; O positive; Unlucky; Black; Dynamic DNA Profiler; YA; Bridgeport; Classical; No preference for outdoors; Red eyes; inappropriate; fit)
  • 15) I have brown hair. Sure, kids can party, right? (Classified; Mac n’ Cheese; Party Animal; Blue; International Super Spy; Adult; Bridgeport; Classical; No outdoor preference; Brown eyes; party animal; charismatic; schmoozer; fit)
  • 19) Black hair. Umm…yeah, I guess. (Test subject; Pancakes; Party Animal; Spice Brown; Master Mixologist; YA; Bridgeport; Indie; No preference for outdoors; blue eyes; party animal; good sense of humor; lean)
  • 53) I have brown hair. I haven’t decided yet. (Toddler sports coach;  Tri-tip steak; Snob; White; Perfect Mind, Perfect Body; YA; Sunlit Tides; Latin; Likes the outdoors; brown; charismatic, party animal; fit)
  • 32) I have black hair. Probably, at some point in the future. (Military; Cookies; Coward; Black; Dynamic DNA Profiler; YA; Riverview; Latin; No preference for nature; green eyes; friendly; fit)

Round 8: Up to 8 Bachelors will be eliminated

You will be asked to select the 10 Bachelors that you think are the most likely to make a good candidate for the Bachelor! Please note the change!!!! We are switching it up a bit!!! I’m thinking maybe it is easier to pick the ones you do like, and you are more likely to remember the numbers of the ones you are rooting for, if you are picking your favorites!

Another change: I want to speed this process up, so I am throwing in another question and more eliminations this round. 🙂

Questions for Round 8: Are you a motivated individual? Are you romantic? Are you creative?

4) Yes, I’m a bit of a workaholic. Romance is not something I’m particularly good at, but I’m not bad at it either. I wouldn’t consider myself particularly creative, but I like to garden and sometimes that takes a bit of creativity. (Medical intern; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Orange; Perfect Garden; YA; Barnacle Bay; Classical Music; Loves outdoor activities; brown eyes; good sense of humor; fit; brown hair; no preference on kids)

7) My motivation is pretty average, I try to keep things balance. I’m not particularly romantic. Yes, I’m a fairly artistic guy, I like reading, writing, painting, etc… (City council member; Sushi; Inappropriate; Turquoise; Chess Legend; YA; Bridgeport; Classical; Doesn’t like the outdoors; lilac eyes; schmoozer; inappropriate; lean; blue hair; no preference on kids)

8) Yes, I’m a bit of a perfectionist in all aspects of my life. I can’t say I’m all that romantic, but I’m not unromantic either. I’m a bit on the creative side…I’m an actor, and I’m learning how to cook- does that count?. (Background extra; Fruit parfait; Snob; Pink; Rich & Famous; YA; Bridgeport; Pop; No preference for outdoors; brown eyes; excited; over emotional; muscular; brown hair; no preference on kids)

16) I’m a fairly ambitious person, I like to challenge myself. I’m a hopeless romantic. I read romance novels, like romantic movies, and enjoy being in a relationship. I’m a musician, so I hope I’m at least a little creative! (Musician; Hot dogs; Coward; Orange; One Sim Band; Adult; Bridgeport; Indie; Loves the outdoors; Brown eyes; skinny; black hair; no preference on kids)

20) I think I’m pretty average on the motivation spectrum. Likewise when it comes to romance, I do okay. I’m artistic, particularly when it comes to make food and cocktails, but I also know how to play the guitar a little bit.  (Spice runner; Hamburgers; Schmoozer; Aqua; Master Mixologist; YA; Bridgeport; Electronica; Likes the outdoors; green eyes; schmoozer; lean; brown hair; no preference on kids)

21) Average. Average. I’m a natural musician. (Test subject; Key lime pie; Insane; Lime; Creature/Robot Crossbreeder; YA; Bridgeport; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; Brown; grumpy; skinny; black; no preference on kids)

22) I’m motivated to be the best family member and friend I can be. I’m neither particularly romantic, nor particularly unromantic. My creative talents are within the realm of food. I love to cook, and have a natural talent for it. (Pastry chef; Veggie burgers; Frugal; Grey; 5-star Chef; Adult; Dragon Valley; Pop; No outdoor preference; turquoise eyes; friendly; good sense of humor; thin; purple hair; has a daughter, wants more; )

23) I’m motivated enough- I have a good job. I wouldn’t say I’m above average in the romance department. I have some creativity, I do write a little. (Investigative reporter; Cookies; Excitable; Irish Green; Star News Anchor; Adult; Dragon Valley; Kids; Likes the outdoors; Yellow eyes; charismatic; good sense of humor; friendly; lean; yellow hair; no preference on kids)

25) I’m average…average motivation, average romantic abilities, average creativity. (Snitch; French toast; Unlucky; Irish Green; Jack of All Trades; YA; Dragon Valley; Pop; Likes the outdoors; brown eyes; charismatic; thin; blonde; no preference on kids)

26) I’m motivated to have a balanced life and be a good person. I can’t say I’m particularly romantic. Nah, I’m not the creative sort. (Snack hawker; Sushi; Unlucky; Purple; Jack of All Trades; Adult; Lucky Palms; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; blue-green eyes; thin; blonde hair; has kids, open to more)

29) Yes, I’m very motivated to be a successful doctor. I’m a bit of a grump, so not really good at the whole romance thing. No, I’m not creative, really. (Gene therapist; Hot dogs; Grumpy; Yellow; World-Renowned Surgeon; Adult; Lucky Palms; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; blue eyes; grumpy; thin; brown hair; has a daughter, not opposed to more)

30) I have big dreams, but I definitely could be more motivated about achieving them. I’m not a romantic. I have some musical talent. (Paperboy; French Toast; Hydrophobic; Lilac; Hit Movie Composer; YA; Lucky Palms; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; brown/sunglasses; friendly; childish; thin; blonde; no preference on kids)

36) My family and friends are my motivation. Honestly, I’m not particularly romantic or creative, but I try. (Patrol officer; Cheesesteak; Brave; Irish Green; Surrounded by Family; YA; Riverview; Latin; Likes the outside; Grey eyes; friendly; family-oriented; fit; black hair; definitely wants kids, lots; )

37) Well, I can’t say I’m a particularly motivated individual. (Lead guitarist; French Toast; Hopeless Romantic; Red; Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers; Adult; Riverview; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; Blue eyes; charismatic; fit; brown hair; no preference on kids)

38) Oh yeah, I’m a very ambitious person. My job is my life, and I want to succeed add it. I’m not a romantic guy, and honestly, I’m not very creative either. (Resident; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Irish Green; World-renowned Surgeon; Adult; Riverview; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; green eyes; workaholic; fit; brown hair; no preference on kids)

39) No, I’m normal. Oh, I’ve been known to be a mighty flirtatious from time to time.  I am no artist. (Clerk at the mausoleum; Cobbler; Slob; Black; Rock Star; YA; Riverview; Electronica; Loves the outdoors; Green eyes; party animal; thin; brown hair; has two kids, no preference on additional)

40)Oh, no, I’m definitely a couch potato. I’ve never been very good at romance. I’m not much of an artist, and I don’t play any music, but I can make a pretty garden. (Aquatic ecosystem tweaker; PBJ sandwich; Loser; Yellow; Robot/Creature Cross-breeder; Adult; Starlight Shores; Kids; Likes the outdoors; brown eyes; couch potato; fat; brown hair; no preference on children)

41) I’m very dedicated to my work, and I’m also a bit of a perfectionist. Romance isn’t something I really think about. I can write well, but that’s my only creative pursuit. (Journalist;  Fish and chips; Commitment Issues; Aqua; Star News Anchor; Adult; Starlight Shores; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; green eyes; workaholic; thin; brown and grey; no preference on kids)

44)  Nah, I’m no more motivated than the next guy. Likewise with romance, I’m just average. Nope, I’m not the creative type. (Military grunt; Autumn salad; Technophobe; Green; Perfect mind, Perfect Body; YA; Starlight Shores; Latin; Loves the outdoors; Green eyes; social butterfly, friendly; muscular; black hair; no preference on kids)

49) Absolutely. I’m very ambitious, and I probably work too much. I’m not particularly romantic. I have a natural musical talent. (Band manager; Hot dogs; Workaholic; White; Rock Star; YA; Starlight Shores; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; sunglasses; social butterfly; thin; brown hair; no preference on kids)

50) I’m ambitious, I like to challenge myself and be better. I’m definitely a romantic guy. I wouldn’t necessary call me creative, but I read a lot so I have an imagination. (Juggler;  Stu Surprise; Hopeless Romantic; Grey; Master Acrobat; Adult; Starlight Shores; Classical; Loves the outdoors; hazel eyes; friendly; fit; black hair; no preference on kids)

56) I’d like to succeed, but I’m not super ambitious and I’m not a workaholic or anything like that. Erm…romance actually makes me uncomfortable, I don’t know how to flirt. I’m not an artist, but I am an author, so I have some creativity in me.  (Automated spell checker; Fish n’ chips; Unflirty; Grey; Professional Author; YA; Sunset Valley; Classic; Likes the outdoors; Green eyes; loner; thin; red hair; would prefer a small family)

58) I’m average, I want to succeed, but also enjoy stopping to smell the roses. I’m not particularly romantic…I tend to avoid people, so my social skills aren’t the greatest. I play a little bit of music. (Talent scout; Mac n’ cheese; Loner; White; Swimming in Cash; YA; Sunset Valley; Electronica; Loves the outdoors; grey eyes; loner; thin; brown hair; no preference on kids)

60) I’m just average in all those areas. (Desk jockey;  Hot dogs; Clumsy; Yellow; Forensics Specialist; Adult; Twinbrook; Soul; No preference for the outdoors; grey eyes; perceptive; fat; black hair; no preference for kids)

You can use ALL the answers to make your decision (not just those from this round). What 10 Bachelors are your FAVORITES? Pick the 10 you’d like to see move on to the next round.


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