Conquering the Completion Challenge

The Completion Challenge is the ultimate Sims 3 challenge invented by Robin S. It’s a perfect challenge for me because it is, effectively, a giant Sims 3 to-do list. It’s all about playing every aspect of the game.

With 11 expansion packs, 9 stuff packs plus a wide-variety of DLC, there is a LOT to do in the Sims. Despite years of playing, I never feel like I’ve accomplished everything in a Sims game. This is why I started this challenge last year, but it takes awhile to earn points (the Sims need to achieve their LTW before they count) and I was managing several other challenges. I’ve been not only re-inspired to play the Sims 3 recently, but I also have renewed determination to see how much content I can cover in the Sims 3 before the Sims 4 is released in the fall.

I, of course, have a spreadsheet to keep track of all this. The spreadsheet is a modified version of the official because 1) the official stopped being updated regularly and 2) there were somethings I wanted to include that the official didn’t- such as store DLC and Lifetime Rewards. I don’t really care about my official score, anyway…I just care about how much I can experience before I shelve this game for good!

Ever wanted to see a comprehensive list of what you can do in the Sims?

You can view my spreadsheet here: Completion Challenge

For reference, I have all expansions, stuff packs, and some DLC include a couple of worlds and some premium content. Please, please, please feel free to ask questions regarding the spreadsheet. I find it fun to talk about the Sims, it helps keep me engaged, and I’m going to need some encouragement to make it through this challenge!

What family lines are contributing to the challenge?

Currently contributing families include:

  • Chauncey & Angela
  • Sebastian & Jules
  • Gnome Hunter Legacy

What about the other challenges?

Challenges that cannot contribute to the Completion Challenge by any reasonable means (such as The Lab) will be disband and their Simmies will be transferred to the pool of possible Bachelor/RI candidates. Romance Island and the Bachelor will stay intact because they both deliver contributing couples to the challenge.


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