After the Bachelor: Jules and Sebastian are waiting for a delivery

When we last left off, Jules and Sebastian had moved into their own house on the other side of town to escape the social pressures of the Vanderburg estate. Jules became pregnant with their first child. 



All the furniture from the guest room was sold off, and the workout equipment and chess table was moved from the spare room into the guest room in order to make a place for the nursery.


Jules’ first purchase was a rocking chair.


A pregnant Jules testing out the rocking chair. Jules and Sebastian have decided on names…Verne if it’s a boy, Ariel if it’s a girl.


During he maternity leave, Jules purchases a crystal ball and attempts to tell her future with mixed results.


Despite having mastered the athletics skill, Sebastian goes to the gym after work to stay in peak shape.


Jules gets an unexplained craving for watermelon cobbler…which isn’t even really a thing. So, she goes to the store to get watermelon, a book on cooking, and a cobbler recipe. When she gets home, she reads about cooking (she needs to improve her skill, first).


Success! Watermelon cobbler for dinner!


Jules also purchased some books on pregnancy and is doing her research.


Sebastian stays active even when he isn’t working out,  by playing games in the yard.

Summary: Jules & Sebastian

Lifetime Wishes:

  • Jules- Become the CEO of Megacorporation (Business 8)
  • Sebastian- Become an International Super Spy (Law Enforcement 10)

Current Wishes:

  • Jules- Have first child; Have a girl; Reach level 5 of business career; Increase cooking skill
  • Sebastian- Have first child; Have a girl; Buy a crib; Reach level 5 of law enforcement career


  • Jules- Report Processor (Business 3)
  • Sebastian- Traffic Cop (Law Enforcement 4)


  • Jules- Athletic 6, Cooking 6, Fishing 2, Handiness 1, Alchemy 1
  • Sebastian- Athletic 10, Cooking 3, Fishing 2, Logic 2, Social Networking 2, Alchemy 1

Current Goals and Happenings:

  • The Vanderburgs are expecting their first child
  • Jules & Sebastian try to have family dinners on Sundays since they have several relatives in town
  • The current season is fall
  • Points added to completion challenge: 0
  • We are currently focused on completing Jules and Sebastian lifetime wishes, which are also their career goals. They need to accomplish these in order to earn any points for the completion challenge

Is there additional information you’d like to see in the summary? Let me know! I’d like to make this blog as easy for you to follow along with as possible!


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