After the Bachelor: Chauncey and Angela- Bella Grows Up!

I managed to get some playtime in this week, but I also managed to score a bunch of super-cheap new items with some simpoints I had in my account, and I had a blast deal hunting. I’m in a super Sims mood, so hopefully this will result in lots of forthcoming posts over the next several weeks. Now, we are going to continue on with the Grimm family.


It is time for little miss Bella to grow up, so a small party was held.


Bella is excitable, but clumsy…which sounds adorable to me.


We hit another birthday around the same time- Chauncey has now transitioned into adulthood.


Alex and Bryan are best friends who play blocks together.


Bella learning to walk. Angela does a great job in making sure everyone learns how to walk and talk, and gets potty trained.


Chauncey has quickly moved up in his career, it won’t be long until he achieves his dream of becoming a Star News Anchor.


The gnome has taken over the middle of the foyer now.


Hmm…somehow we missed pictures of Bryan growing up, but here is he. Bryan is quite the little student.


It’s like 70 degrees and the middle of spring, but somehow this snowman is still hanging about.


On the weekend, while Angela was napping, Chauncey had lunch with the maid. Not sure what to make of that. Seemed innocent.


Trick-or-treating teen on Love Day (Spring)…sigh….also, aside from the interesting hairdo, I don’t think she’s even in costume.


Bryan, the budding scientist!


– I’ve started organizing my Sims. I’m going to focus 100% on the Completion Challenge, so Sim projects not contributing to the completion challenge will be disband and put to work (likely as Bachelor contestants)

– I’ve begun playing Jules and Sebastian, anticipate an update on that soon

– Be sure to vote in the Bachelor challenge posts!


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