Chauncey & Angela: A Return!

The Sims bug finally nipped me again, and I’ve been trying to squeezing in a little bit of Simming each day. Most days I only get about 10 to 20 minutes (while I’m relaxing after working out), and some days I get zero time, but I’m hoping to get in 30 minutes or so this weekend.

The approach of the Sims 4 has inspired me (at least at the moment, since it was also the likely reason for losing interest in the game for so long) to try as hard as I can to achieve the completion challenge. Holy Hera there is still so, so much I haven’t played about with this game. My next post will likely be a summary of what I want to achieve, and what that means for the various families in play.

My primary focus has been on Angela and Chauncey, as they are one of my favorite couples.


When we last left off, Chauncey and Angela had just given birth to their third child, and first girl, Bella. Bryan is their oldest and was a toddler, and Alex was still a baby when Bella was born. Bryan is now walking and getting into all kinds of trouble.


Poor Angela, her husband gets to have dreams about books and traveling (he is a fancy-pants journalist afterall), but she dreams of children’s toys.


Alex’s birthday!


Alex is brave, but grumpy.


I’m not sure why I have a picture of this now…but here is Angela, Chauncey, Alex (back when he was a baby) and Bryan at the winter festival. FYI, it’s not a good idea to take a baby and a toddler to the winter festival. Everyone was cranky, and a miserable time was had by all.


Bryan and Alex in their playpen. The two of them have become best friends thanks to hanging out in this playpen.


OBNOXIOUS snow gnome. Poor Lucy Parker has a tough time finding gnomes when she is actively looking for them,  but the Grimm’s manage to have one move in without their permission. Here is he lying on the middle of kitchen floor.


And here is Angela visibly distressed because she can’t breakfast with the gnome in the way. She doesn’t want to go near it, it’s creepy.


Chauncey working on his latest novel, “Two Sims Apart”.


STILL in the kitchen. Just a new position.





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