Deciding the Next Bachelor: Round 4

In an effort to appease the part of me that wishes to start a new Bachelor Challenge, I’m currently running Decision: Bachelor #3. Stretching out the selection of the next Bachelor through polling entertains me but allows me to focus on playing other challenges.

Other Challenges Update: Jimmy has distracted me with a hotseat game of Civilization 5! I probably have enough pictures to do a Jules & Sebastian update and that will probably get posted on New Year’s Day since I have no plans that day. 🙂 Next week should bring lots of Simming as we return to our normal schedule.

Decision: Bachelor #3

Who will be the next Bachelor? YOU decide!

Thank you to everyone that participated in Round 3. We had 10 people voting, which was awesome! Note: You do not have to have participated in previous rounds to vote in this one!

Reminder: the Bachelor’s numbers will be the SAME. So if you have already picked out a couple potential favorites, keep an eye out for their answers. I plan on trying to include previous answers with each number. However, they will be abbreviated versions, so go back to previous rounds to see the full question and answer.

Round 3: Results

Based on the poll results, 7 Bachelors have been eliminated from the competition!!!!

  • 33) My plan is to have a relationship with 10 different women. Young Adult. (Desk jockey; Cheesesteak; Commitment Issues; Red)
  • 3) My long-term goal is to marry a rich woman. Young Adult. (File clerk; Goopy Carbonara; Unlucky; Read)
  • 55) I’d like to get a bunch of ladies. Young Adult. (Decoy; Spaghetti; Commitment Issues; Spiceberry)
  • 18) I’d like to be known as a master of romance. Young  Adult. (Ex-Paparazzi; French Toast; Hot-headed; Yellow)
  • 1) While some would argue as a politician, I already am this, but I’d like to become a master thief.  Adult.(Mayor; Steak; Couch potato; Blue)
  • 13) I’d like to be really wealthy. Young Adult. (Bookstore clerk;  Tri-tip steak; Technophobe; Irish Green)
  • 46) I’d like to have many romantic conquests.  Young Adult. (Coffee courier; Stu surprise; Evil; Spice Brown)
  • 52)  My goal is to woohoo with many women. Young Adult. (Musician; Hot dogs; Commitment Issues; Turquoise)

Definitely getting rid of some of the sleaze on the list. Nice job voters!

Round 4: Up to 9 Bachelors will be eliminated (6 from this round, and 3 leftover from R3)

You will be asked to select the 6 Bachelors you would most like to see ELIMINATED (so not your favorites, but the ones you don’t like).

Question #7- What kind of neighborhood do you live in?; Question #8- What type of music do you enjoy? (Previous answers follow new.)

2) Oh, anyone would love to come live in my neighborhood! I live on a beautiful island in the Simuyan Sea. It’s a vacation hotspot! I listen to mainly children’s music- it’s upbeat and lively.  (Vegetable slicer; Goopy Carbonara; Slob; Red; CEO of Megacorporation; YA)

4) My neighborhood has lots of parks and beaches, and it’s very warm. I enjoy classical music. (Medical intern; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Orange; Perfect Garden; YA)

5) I live on an island founded by pirates! We have strong traditions of fishing and art on the island. I enjoy Latin music. (Traffic cop; French toast; Grumpy; Irish Green; Surrounded by Family; YA)

7) I live in a city on the coast in a temperate climate. I like classical music. (City council member; Sushi; Inappropriate; Turquoise; Chess Legend; YA)

8) My city is fabulous! Amazing nightlife and loads of clubs to visit. I like pop music, of course! (Background extra; Fruit parfait; Snob; Pink; Rich & Famous; YA)

9) I live in a city that is dominated by the film industry- it seemed like a good career move. I enjoy Latin music. (Spice runner; Stu Surprise; Grumpy; White; Rich & Famous; Adult)

10) I live in a vibrant city that is alive with nightlife. I prefer classical music. (Unemployed; Stu Surprise; Unflirty; Spiceberry; Hit Movie Composer; YA)

11) I live in a large apartment with several roommates in a city that never sleeps. I like classical music. (Kitchen scullion; Lobster thermidor; Hot-headed; Pink; Super Popular; YA)

12) I thought a career in crime-fighting would be more valuable in the city, particularly one with such a nightlife. I enjoy classical. (Traffic cop; O positive; Unlucky; Black; Dynamic DNA Profiler; YA)

14) I moved to a city devoted to the film industry. It rains a lot. I like classical. (Actor; Tri-tip steak; Commitment Issues; Orange; Superstar Actor; Adult)

15) I live in a crowded city with a bustling downtown and lovely waterfront. I prefer classical music, which seems to be trendy apparently.  (Classified; Mac n’ Cheese; Party Animal; Blue; International Super Spy; Adult)

16) I live in a city with a happening nightlife, it’s the best way to get gigs. Indie rock is my musical preference. (Musician; Hot dogs; Coward; Orange; One Sim Band; Adult)

19) The city is the best place to be for someone who wants to master mixology. I spend a lot of time in the clubs and bars. I like indie. (Test subject; Pancakes; Party Animal; Spice Brown; Master Mixologist; YA)

20) I live in the urban center of a coastal community. I like electronica. (Spice runner; Hamburgers; Schmoozer; Aqua; Master Mixologist; YA)

21) I live in the city. The big city. The lonely city. Electronica makes me dance. (Test subject; Key lime pie; Insane; Lime; Creature/Robot Crossbreeder; YA)

22) I live in a secluded neighborhood, far away from other places…we have a rich heritage. Now that we finally get radio transmissions from the rest of the world, I’m enjoying pop music. (Pastry chef; Veggie burgers; Frugal; Grey; 5-star Chef; Adult)

23) Our town may be a bit backward, but it is a truly unique home with a particular style. Oh, and baby dragons. Honestly, I prefer children’s music, I like fairy tales. (Investigative reporter; Cookies; Excitable; Irish Green; Star News Anchor; Adult)

25) Our town has been through a lot of difficult times, but we’ve tackled our problems with the dragons and are looking forward to a brighter future. I like pop music. (Snitch; French toast; Unlucky; Irish Green; Jack of All Trades; YA)

26) I live in a sprawling desert community- it’s great if you like the heat! I like electronica. (Snack hawker; Sushi; Unlucky; Purple; Jack of All Trades; Adult)

27) It’s a pretty wealthy town in the desert.  I like pop music. (Report processor; Autumn salads; Commitment Issues; Yellow; Swimming in Cash; YA)

28) It’s hot, dry, pretty big, plenty of free space, scenic… I like children’s tunes.  (Pastry chef; Cheesesteaks; Party Animal; Grey; 5-star Chef; YA)

29) My home is in a great vacation destination in a desert oasis. I enjoy electronica. (Gene therapist; Hot dogs; Grumpy; Yellow; World-Renowned Surgeon; Adult)

30) I live in the desert. It’s warm and kinda flat…there aren’t many trees. I like pop music. (Paperboy; French Toast; Hydrophobic; Lilac; Hit Movie Composer; YA)

32) I live in a quiet town next to a meandering river. I enjoy Latin music. (Military; Cookies; Coward; Black; Dynamic DNA Profiler; YA)

34) I live in the countryside. I don’t enjoy any of your standard musical genres. (Unemployed; Hamburgers; Slob; Black; Master of the Arts; YA)

36) I live in a small town in the countryside, an ideal place to raise a family. I enjoy the flavors of Latin music. (Patrol officer; Cheesesteak; Brave; Irish Green; Surrounded by Family; YA)

37) I live in a small town without much nightlife, but it’s peaceful. I enjoy pop music. (Lead guitarist; French Toast; Hopeless Romantic; Red; Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers; Adult)

38) My quiet town is in the country and built on either side of a river. I like pop music. (Resident; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Irish Green; World-renowned Surgeon; Adult)

39) This town is so small it’s hampering my career. Lots of places to go fishin’ though. I enjoy electronica. (Clerk at the mausoleum; Cobbler; Slob; Black; Rock Star; YA)

40) I live in a beautiful coastal city. Kid’s is my favorite musical selection. (Aquatic ecosystem tweaker; PBJ sandwich; Loser; Yellow; Robot/Creature Cross-breeder; Adult)

41) I live in a sprawling city that is the entertainment capital of SimNation. I prefer electronica. (Journalist;  Fish and chips; Commitment Issues; Aqua; Star News Anchor; Adult)

42) Actors may fair better in another city, but in this city all other entertainers are welcome- singers, acrobats, magicians- this is where to be! I enjoy classical music. (Magician; Sushi; Diva; Yellow; Renaissance Sim; Adult)

43) I came to this small coastal city for its warm temperatures and artistic talent.  (Unemployed; Grilled cheese; Kleptomaniac; Red; Professional Author; YA)

44) It’s a nice city. It’s warm. Plenty of stuff to do. Latin music. (Military grunt; Autumn salad; Technophobe; Green; Perfect mind, Perfect Body; YA)

45) I live in a city, lots of nightlife is important to me. I like Latin music. (Beverage consultant; Ratatouille; Hot-headed; Spice Brown; Heartbreak; YA)

47) I live in a small, warm, city on the coast. I  enjoy electronica.(Juggler; Fried PB & Banana sandwiches; Inappropriate; Black; The Tinkerer; YA)

49) Lots going on in this city. Plenty of places to perform and watch others perform. I like pop music. (Band manager; Hot dogs; Workaholic; White; Rock Star; YA)

50) We have gorgeous beaches, and plenty of places for me to pursue my career goals. I like classical music. (Juggler;  Stu Surprise; Hopeless Romantic; Grey; Master Acrobat; Adult)

51) I live in a sprawling urban area next to the coast, we have great weather. I’m into Indie. (Trauma surgeon;  Grilled salmon; Commitment Issues; White; World-Renowned Surgeon; Adult)

53) My beautiful neighborhood is nestled between the jungle and the ocean. I enjoy latin sounds. (Toddler sports coach;  Tri-tip steak; Snob; White; Perfect Mind, Perfect Body; YA)

54) It’s hot and it rains a lot, it’s great for catching fish, though. I like pop music.  (Military grunt; Cobbler; Insane; Lilac; Perfect Aquarium; Adult)

56) I live in a peaceful, average town with a bit of everything- beaches, parks, fishing spots, a cinema. We see all four seasons to their fullest. I like classical music. (Automated spell checker; Fish n’ chips; Unflirty; Grey; Professional Author; YA)

57) I live in your average SimNation town. It’s a good, solid neighborhood. I like electronica. (Spice runner; Grilled Salmon; Mean-spirited; Green; 5-star Chef; YA)

58) My neighborhood is nice plenty of open space, but everything you need. Not too crowded, plenty of quiet parks to visit. All the seasons. I like electronica. (Talent scout; Mac n’ cheese; Loner; White; Swimming in Cash; YA)

60) I live in the bayou. It’s backwoods country, but we’ve had an influx of folks in our downtown and things are really starting to become lively. I listen to mainly soul music. (Desk jockey;  Hot dogs; Clumsy; Yellow; Forensics Specialist; Adult)

You can use ALL the answers to make your decision (not just those from this round). What 6 Bachelor do you wish to eliminate this round? Don’t like people who listen to electronica? Want the next game to be on a tropical island? Want to keep eliminating those with commitment issues?

NEW: Ask the Bachelors a question! Post your question to one or all of the Bachelors in the comments and I will try to get them to answer (if possible). I may or may not use the questions and they may not be used in the next round, but I can try to get a couple in here and there.


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