After the Bachelor: Sebastian & Jules enjoy Leisure Day

Before we begin, if the person who created Jules still reads this blog…suggest some future baby names below! My new plan for future challenges is to have a section of the spreadsheet where folks choose their future family preferences (kids, pets, etc…), but Jules and Angela don’t have this benefit. Angela does a bit, her creator has given me some name inspirations for the children after the first. Screenshot-1222 Jules has taken a liking to a guy named Jonathan. I’m not sure where they met,but she wants to befriend him. Here she is chatting on the phone with him. Screenshot-1221 Jules received a promotion after she read a book her boss asked her to. She is now a filing clerk at MegaCorp.


On Leisure Day, Sebastian and Jules went to the summer festival. Jules entered a hot dog eating contest, and won!


While Jules was eating, Sebastian got his face painted (it was his call, not mine) and purchased himself a sno cone.


After, they participated in some games together. First soccer.

And then a water balloon fight.


Jules really wanted to set off some fireworks before they left.


They were hard to take pictures of.



They took a photo together in the photo booth as a souvenir.


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