Deciding the Next Bachelor: Round 3

In an effort to appease the part of me that wishes to start a new Bachelor Challenge, I’m currently running Decision: Bachelor #3. Stretching out the selection of the next Bachelor through polling entertains me but allows me to focus on playing other challenges.

Other Challenges Update: I played more Sebastian & Jules this weekend along with some Gnome Hunter Legacy. You can expect another update for Jules and Sebastian soon.

Decision: Bachelor #3

Who will be the next Bachelor? YOU decide!

Thank you to everyone that participated in Round 2. You do not have to have participated in previous rounds to vote in this one!

Reminder: the Bachelor’s numbers will be the SAME. So if you’ve already picked out a couple potential favorites, keep an eye out for their answers. I plan on trying to include previous answers with each number. However, they will be abbreviated versions, so go back to previous rounds to see the full question and answer.

Round 2: Results

Based on the poll results, 4 Bachelors have been eliminated from the competition. 

  • #35 I’ve been told I can be mean-spirited, but I’m sure that is not true. (Unemployed; Grilled salmon)
  • #17 Some would say being Evil is my worst trait. I disagree. I think it is my best. Black. Like the hole where my soul should be. (Thug; O positive)
  • #24  I’m definitely hot-headed. Orange is my favorite. (Professional athlete; Autumn salads)
  • #61 I’m evil, of course. I like black. (Criminal; Tri-tip steak)

Round 3: Up to 10 Bachelors will be eliminated (6 from this round, and 4 leftovers from R1 & R2)

You will be asked to select the 6 Bachelors you would most like to see ELIMINATED (so not your favorites, but the ones you don’t like).

Question #5- What is your lifetime goal?; Question #6- What life stage (age: young adult vs. adult) are you in? (Previous answers follow new.)

1) While some would argue as a politician, I already am this, but I’d like to become a master thief.  Adult.(Mayor; Steak; Couch potato; Blue)

2) I’d like to be the CEO of some large corporation someday. Young Adult. (Vegetable slicer; Goopy Carbonara; Slob; Read)

3) My long-term goal is to marry a rich woman. Young Adult. (File clerk; Goopy Carbonara; Unlucky; Read)

4) I dream about having a garden that produces the most delicious, perfect fruits and veggies. Young Adult. (Medical intern; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Orange)

5) I want a large, loving family. Young Adult. (Traffic cop; French toast; Grumpy; Irish Green)

7) I’d like to master the art of chess. Young Adult. (City council member; Sushi; Inappropriate; Turquoise )

8) Well, I’d like to be rich and famous, of course. Who wouldn’t want to be? Young Adult. (Background extra; Fruit parfait; Snob; Pink)

9) My lifetime wish is to be wealthy celebrity. Adult. (Spice runner; Stu Surprise; Grumpy; White)

10) My dream is to compose scores for movies. Young Adult. (Unemployed; Stu Surprise; Unflirty; Spiceberry.)

11) I would like to have lots and lots of friends. Young Adult. (Kitchen scullion; Lobster thermidor; Hot-headed; Pink)

12) I dream of becoming a dynamic DNA profiler. Young Adult. (Traffic cop; O positive; Unlucky; Black)

13) I’d like to be really wealthy. Young Adult. (Bookstore clerk;  Tri-tip steak; Technophobe; Irish Green)

14) I’d like to be a famous actor. Adult.  (Actor; Tri-tip steak; Commitment Issues; Orange)

15) My life goal is to be an international super spy.  Adult. (Classified; Mac n’ Cheese; Party Animal; Blue)

16) My lifetime wish is to be able to play as many musical instruments as possible.Adult.  (Musician; Hot dogs; Coward; Orange)

18) I’d like to be known as a master of romance. Young  Adult. (Ex-Paparazzi; French Toast; Hot-headed; Yellow)

19) I’d like to be a master mixologist. Young Adult. (Test subject; Pancakes; Party Animal; Spice Brown)

20) I’d like to know how to make as many kinds of mixed drinks as possible. Young Adult.(Spice runner; Hamburgers; Schmoozer; Aqua)

21) I want to become a mad scientist [insert mad scientist laugh]. Young Adult. (Test subject; Key lime pie; Insane; Lime)

22) I’d like to be a celebrity chef someday. Adult. (Pastry chef; Veggie burgers; Frugal; Grey)

23) My dream goal has always been to be news anchor. Adult. (Investigative reporter; Cookies; Excitable; Irish Green)

25) I’d like to try out a few different careers and not be stuck doing one job for the rest of my life. Young Adult. (Snitch; French toast; Unlucky; Irish Green)

26) My goal is to be a jack of all trades, if you will. Adult. (Snack hawker; Sushi; Unlucky; Purple)

27) I want to be simply swimming in cash, man. Young Adult. (Report processor; Autumn salads; Commitment Issues; Yellow)

28) I’d like to be a famous chef someday. Young Adult. (Pastry chef; Cheesesteaks; Party Animal; Grey)

29) My goal is to be a world-renowned surgeon. Adult. (Gene therapist; Hot dogs; Grumpy; Yellow)

30) Someday, I would like to compose music for films. Young Adult. (Paperboy; French Toast; Hydrophobic; Lilac)

32) I’d like to be an expert in the forensics field. Young Adult. (Military; Cookies; Coward; Black)

33) My plan is to have a relationship with 10 different women. Young Adult. (Desk jockey; Cheesesteak; Commitment Issues; Red)

34) I’d like to be versed in both the musical arts and painting. Young Adult. (Unemployed; Hamburgers; Slob; Black)

36) My lifetime wish is to have a large family. Young Adult. (Patrol officer; Cheesesteak; Brave; Irish Green)

37) I would like to master my guitar playing and be a smooth talker. Adult. (Lead guitarist; French Toast; Hopeless Romantic; Red)

38) I’d like to be an expert in the medical field. Adult. (Resident; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Irish Green)

39) Rock Star. I want to be a Rock Star. Young Adult. (Clerk at the mausoleum; Cobbler; Slob; Black)

40) I’d like to be a well-known scientist. Adult. (Aquatic ecosystem tweaker; PBJ sandwich; Loser; Yellow)

41) My goal is to be a news anchor. Adult.  (Journalist;  Fish and chips; Commitment Issues; Aqua)

42) Hmm…I’d like be good at a few different things…I don’t know what exactly, it may be an instrument, or chess, or fixing things. I’d just like to feel accomplished. Adult. (Magician; Sushi; Diva; Yellow)

43) I’d like to be a professional author. Young adult. (Unemployed; Grilled cheese; Kleptomaniac; Red)

44) I’d like to be healthy in both body and mind. Young Adult. (Military grunt; Autumn salad; Technophobe; Green)

45) My dating accomplishments are most important to me. Young Adult. (Beverage consultant; Ratatouille; Hot-headed; Spice Brown)

46) I’d like to have many romantic conquests.  Young Adult. (Coffee courier; Stu surprise; Evil; Spice Brown)

47) I aspire to be able to fix things. I want to have the mechanical skills to fix broken things, and the logical skill to solve other problems.  Young Adult. (Juggler; Fried PB & Banana sandwiches; Inappropriate; Black)

49) I’d like to be a rock star. Young Adult. (Band manager; Hot dogs; Workaholic; White)

50) My goal is to be a master acrobat. Adult. (Juggler;  Stu Surprise; Hopeless Romantic; Grey)

51) I’d like to excel in my current field of work. Adult. (Trauma surgeon;  Grilled salmon; Commitment Issues; White)

52)  My goal is to woohoo with many women. Young Adult. (Musician; Hot dogs; Commitment Issues; Turquoise)

53) I’d like to have both a sharp mind and a rocking body. Young Adult.  (Toddler sports coach;  Tri-tip steak; Snob; White)

54) I’d like to collect perfect specimens of every fish. Adult.  (Military grunt; Cobbler; Insane; Lilac)

55) I’d like to get a bunch of ladies. Young Adult. (Decoy; Spaghetti; Commitment Issues; Spiceberry)

56) I dream of being a well-known author someday. Young Adult. (Automated spell checker; Fish n’ chips; Unflirty; Grey)

57) I’d like to be a famous chef. Young Adult. (Spice runner; Grilled Salmon; Mean-spirited; Green)

58) I would like to be wealthy. Young Adult. (Talent scout; Mac n’ cheese; Loner; White)

60) I want to be a forensics specialist. Adult. (Desk jockey;  Hot dogs; Clumsy; Yellow)

You can use ALL the answers to make your decision (not just those from this round). What 6 Bachelor do you wish to eliminate this round? Does the Bachelor need to be a young adult? Do you have a thing against celebrity chefs? Are news anchors sexy? YOU pick the criteria!

Who is your favorite Bachelor so far? Leave a note in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Deciding the Next Bachelor: Round 3

  1. I’d say toddler sports coach is the best thing about 53. He must enjoy interacting with small children, good trait for a father. A specialized preschool teacher. My favorites so far are 5 and 36, both patrol officers who want a large family.

    • Thanks for stopping by, hedgekat! I agree that toddler sports coach sounds like a good job for the potential bachelor to have. I’m also partial to the cops who want large families! 🙂

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