After the Bachelor: Sebastian & Jules

The story of Sebastian & Jules has already taken an unexpected turn.


After their wedding, Jules and Sebastian moved into the Vanderburg estate.


The occupants of the Vanderburg estate, in addition to the newly married couple, were Sebastian’s politically and socially active parents, Sebastian’s baby sister, and a new puppy.


We quickly discovered that life in the Vanderburg estate was going to be challenging. Sebastian’s parents have fairly demanding jobs, at least in terms of their social engagements. They are both high-powered politicians.


That is a really unflattering picture of Sebastian’s mom.


This meant that Sebastian and Jules promptly became automatic baby-sitters and dog-sitters. While they both adored Nakisha and Zeke, they wanted to spend more time together as they settled into their new married life. They also both value their careers which were in desperate need of getting back on track after leaving to participate in the Bachelor.



So, they packed their bags and moved to the other side of town.



The house has plenty of room with three bedrooms, as well as a small room in the attic that Jules quickly turned into an alchemy lab. Jules has been anxious to practice her witch heritage for quite some time.



Early on their second morning, Sebastian awoke to here a noise coming from downstairs. He discovered a burglar!


Being the courageous sort , he attempted to tackle the thief. Sadly, the thief managed to get away and the police that Jules had called didn’t arrive in time.


Jules thought this was an incredibly sexy act by Sebastian, and proceeded to reward him generously in the kitchen (while the police were still there!)


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