Deciding the Next Bachelor: Round 2

In an effort to appease the part of me that wishes to start a new Bachelor Challenge, I’m currently running Decision: Bachelor #3. Stretching out the selection of the next Bachelor through polling entertains me but allows me to focus on playing other challenges.

Other Challenges Update: I’m currently playing Jules & Sebastian. You can expect an update on them no later than this weekend. Christmas-related activities have made for an abnormally busy week, but I expect things to calm down by Saturday.

Decision: Bachelor #3

Who will be the next Bachelor? YOU decide!

WOW! I’m so excited that Round 1 got so many votes! I hope watching the Bachelors be eliminated and rooting for your favorites proves to be mildly entertaining for you! Reminder: the Bachelor’s numbers will be the SAME. So if you’ve already picked out a couple potential favorites, keep an eye out for their answers. I plan on trying to include previous answers with each number. However, they will be abbreviated versions, so go back to previous rounds to see the full question and answer.

Round 1: Results

Based on the poll results, FOUR Bachelors have been eliminated from the competition. Say SEE YA LATER to the following boys:

  • #31 (I’m unemployed and like hot dogs.)
  • #6 (I’m currently unemployed, but I keep busy. I like hot dogs.)
  • #48 (I am unemployed. I like vegetarian lobster thermidor.)
  • #59 (I am unemployed and like pancakes.)

Just say NO to unemployed hot-dog eaters!

Round 2: Up to 8 Bachelors will be eliminated (6 from this round, and 2 leftovers from R1)

You will be asked to select the 6 Bachelors you would most like to see ELIMINATED (so not your favorites, but the ones you don’t like).

Question #3- What is your worst personality trait?; Question #4- What is your favorite color? (Previous answers follow new.)

1) Honestly, I’m a bit of a couch potato. My favorite color is blue. (Mayor; Steak)

2) I can be a bit of a slob. Red is my favorite color. (Vegetable slicer; Goopy Carbonara)

3) I’m really the unlucky sort. My favorite color is red. (File clerk; Goopy Carbonara)

4) I’ll admit that I’m a workaholic. I like orange. (Medical intern; Spaghetti)

5) I can be a tad grumpy at times. My color is Irish Green. (Traffic cop; French toast)

7) I’ve been told I sometimes behave inappropriately in social situations. I enjoy turquoise. (City council member; Sushi)

8) I suppose I can be a bit of a snob. I’m not ashamed to admit I like the color pink. (Background extra; Fruit parfait)

9) I’m a grouch. I  like white. (Spice runner; Stu Surprise)

10) I’m not very flirtatious which is one of the reasons I need help in the romance department!. I’m a fan of spiceberry.  (Unemployed; Stu Surprise)

11) I have a bit of a temper. Pink is fun. (Kitchen scullion; Lobster thermidor)

12) I have simply rotten luck with everything. I prefer black to other colors. (Traffic cop; O positive)

13) I’m terrified of technology, which is why I work at the bookstore! I love Irish Green. (Bookstore clerk;  Tri-tip steak)

14) Honestly, I haven’t been good at maintaining relationships in the past. I like orange. (Actor; Tri-tip steak)

15) Well, you could say I’m a bit of a party animal. Blue is nice. (Classified; Mac n’ Cheese)

16) I’m a big chicken. I like orange. (Musician; hot dogs)

17) Some would say being Evil is my worst trait. I disagree. I think it is my best. Black. Like the hole where my soul should be. (Thug; O positive)

18) My temper is definitely my biggest flaw. Yellow is a happy color. (Ex-Paparazzi; French Toast)

19) I like to party which can sometimes lead to trouble. I’ve always been a fan of spice brown. (Test subject; Pancakes)

20) I think some people think my ability to schmooze could be seen as a negative. But it’s a pretty useful trait to have. I like aqua. (Spice runner; Hamburgers)

21) Legally, I am mentally insane. Lime. I like limes. (Test subject; Key lime pie)

22) Some people see my being frugal as “cheapness”. My favorite color is grey. (Pastry chef; Veggie burgers)

23) Sigh. I’m easily excitable. NO, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. I like Irish Green. (Investigative reporter; Cookies)

24) I’m definitely hot-headed. Orange is my favorite. (Professional athlete; Autumn salads)

25) I’m not a particularly lucky individual. I like Irish Green. (Snitch; French toast)

26) My only luck is bad luck. Purple is a good color. (Snack hawker; Sushi)

27) My former girlfriends tell me I have commitment issues. My favorite color is yellow. (Report processor; Autumn salads)

28) I can get a little rowdy at parties. I like to have fun! My favorite color is grey. (Pastry chef; Cheesesteaks)

29) I can be a grump sometimes, I suppose. I like yellow. (Gene therapist; Hot dogs)

30) Okay, this is a bit embarrassing…I’m scared of water. I mean, I still drink it and take showers, but I can’t go swimming or anything.  I think lilac is pretty. (Paperboy; French Toast)

32) I can be a bit of a coward. I like black. (Military; Cookies)

33) I sometimes have a problem committing to things. I love red. (Desk jockey; Cheesesteak)

34) I can never manage to keep my house tidy. Black. (Unemployed; Hamburgers)

35) I’ve been told I can be mean-spirited, but I’m sure that is not true. (Unemployed; Grilled salmon)

36) I don’t back down when in a dangerous situation, such as a fire or encountering a criminal. This can put me in harms way. My favorite color is Irish Green. (Patrol officer, Cheesesteak)

37) I’m a hopeless romantic. This means I like watching sappy romantic movies, read trashy romance novels and tend to move relationships a bit too fast emotionally. I like red, the color of romance! (Lead guitarist; French Toast)

38) I’m a workaholic…aren’t all doctors? I like Irish Green. (Resident; Spaghetti)

39) I’m a bit of a slob. I like the color black. (Clerk at the mausoleum; Cobbler)

40) I fail in life…a lot and often. No idea why.  I like yellow, I guess. (Aquatic ecosystem tweaker; PBJ sandwich)

41) I guess you could say I have commitment issues. I like aqua. (Journalist;  Fish and chips)

42) I’m kind of a diva. Yellow is my color (Magician; Sushi)

43) Confession: I’m a kleptomaniac. I like red. (Unemployed; Grilled cheese)

44) I don’t like technology. My favorite color is green. (Military grunt; Autumn salad)

45) I have a temper. I like Spice Brown. (Beverage consultant. Ratatouille)

46) I am not a nice person.  I enjoy Spice Brown. (Coffee courier; Stu surprise)

47) I’m pretty socially awkward. My favorite color is black. (Juggler; Fried PB & Banana sandwiches)

49) I work too much. I’m partial to the color white. (Band manager; Hot dogs)

50) I am a hopeless romantic and I like the color grey. (Juggler;  Stu Surprise)

51) I have a hard time keeping relationships. I like white. (Trauma surgeon, Grilled salmon)

52) I’m not very good at committing to things, I’m pretty indecisive. I like turquoise.  (Musician; Hot dogs)

53) I can be a bit of a snob sometimes. I prefer white. (Toddler sports coach;  Tri-tip steak)

54) Technically, I am clinically insane…but in a good way. I like lilac. (Military grunt; Cobbler)

55) I find it difficult to maintain relationships. Spiceberry is my favorite color. (Decoy; Spaghetti)

56) I’m not very good at initiating romantic interactions…I like the color grey. (Automated spell checker; Fish n’ chips)

57) People say I’m mean. I like the color green. Hey, that rhymed! (Spice runner; Grilled Salmon)

58) I can be a bit of a loner…crowded parties aren’t my thing and I need my space. My favorite color is white. (Talent scout; Mac n’ cheese)

60) I freely admit that I am a klutz! I’m always tripping over things. I just have to hope you find that endearing. I like yellow.  (Desk jockey;  Hot dogs)

61) I’m evil, of course. I like black. (Criminal; Tri-tip steak)

You can use ALL the answers to make your decision (not just those from this round). What 6 Bachelor do you wish to eliminate this round? Can the Bachelors with commitment issues be trusted? Are those who like the color orange suspect? Do you still have it out for the hot dog eaters? YOU pick the criteria!


Have a favorite yet? Leave a comment!


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