Deciding the Next Bachelor: Round 1

In an effort to appease the part of me that wishes to start a new Bachelor Challenge, I present the first round of Decision: Bachelor #3. Stretching out the selection of the next Bachelor through polling entertains me but allows me to focus on playing other challenges.

Decision: Bachelor #3

Who will be the next Bachelor? YOU decide!

Over the next few weeks I will be presenting a series of posts that interview our potential Bachelor applicants. Read the answers and vote for your favorites! The names of the Bachelors and their pictures will be hidden until the end of the selection process. My hope is that it will make it more fun for people who are familiar with the pre-made Sims (all the Sims presented will be Sims that are already in the towns and came with the game). It will also be interesting to see what the guys look like at the end of the process. Sim names will be replaced with numbers, and those numbers will be consistent throughout the process. This way, the answers will accumulate and you can root for your favorite Bachelor by their number! All potential bachelors are either young adults or adults, and live in a neighborhood that I am not currently playing in. Ready?

Round 1: Up to 6 potential Bachelors will be eliminated!

You will be asked to select the 6 Bachelors you would most like to see ELIMINATED (so not your favorites, but the ones you don’t like).

Question #1- What do you do for a living?; Question #2- What is your favorite food?

1) I am the mayor of my town. My favorite food is steak.

2) I work at a restaurant as a vegetable slicer. My favorite food is Goopy Carbonara.

3) Just a file clerk for a local business. I like Goopy Carbonara as well.

4) I am a medical intern, and my favorite food is spaghetti.

5) I work as a traffic cop, and I love French toast.

6) I’m currently unemployed, but I keep busy. I like hot dogs.

7) I am a member of the city council, and I enjoy sushi.

8) I work as a background extra at the movie studio, and I like fruit parfait.

9) I work in a kitchen as a spice runner. My favorite dish is Stu Surprise.

10) I am unemployed, at the moment. I also enjoy Stu Surprise.

11) I work as a kitchen scullion, but I hope to be promoted soon. I enjoy lobster thermidor.

12) I’m a traffic cop. I only consume blood, since I’m a vampire, and we all know O positive is the tastiest.

13) I am a clerk at the bookstore, and I like tri-tip steak.

14) I’m an actor, mainly supporting roles. I also like tri-tip steak.

15) I can’t really talk about my profession, it’s classified. I like Mac n’ Cheese.

16) I’m just starting out in the music industry. I like hot dogs.

17) Erm…I’m a professional thug. I only consume O positive.

18) I recently quit my job as a Paparazzi and I’m looking for a more respectable gig. I love French Toast.

19) I work as a test subject at the science lab. I love pancakes.

20) I work in the kitchen as a spice runner. I enjoy hamburgers.

21) I’m a test subject at the local science facility. Mu favorite food is key lime pie.

22) I work as a pastry chef, and my favorite food is veggie burgers.

23) I am an investigative reporter and I love cookies.

24) I’m a pro athlete and this year’s MVP. I enjoy autumn salads.

25) I’m a snitch for local law enforcement. I like French toast.

26) I’m a snack hawker at the stadium, and I prefer sushi.

27) I am a report processor. I like autumn salads.

28) I am a pastry chef. I like cheesesteaks.

29) I am a gene therapist who enjoys hot dogs.

30) I deliver newspapers. I like French Toast.

31) I’m unemployed and like hot dogs.

32) I’m in the military. I love cookies.

33) Desk jockey. Cheesesteak.

34) I’m unemployed and love hamburgers.

35) I’m unemployed and love grilled salmon.

36) I’m a patrol officer. I love cheesesteak.

37) I’m the lead guitarist in a band. I like French Toast.

38) I’m a resident at the local hospital. Spaghetti is delicious.

39) I’m a clerk at the mausoleum. I enjoy cobbler.

40) I’m an aquatic ecosystem tweaker. I’m a fan of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

41) I’m a journalist and I love fish and chips.

42) I’m a magician and I like sushi.

43) I’m unemployed at the moment. I enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich.

44) I’m a military grunt who likes autumn salad.

45) I’m a beverage consultant. I love ratatouille.

46) I am a coffee courier. I like stu surprise.

47) I am a juggler. I’m partial to fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

48) I am unemployed. I like vegetarian lobster thermidor.

49) I’m a band manager. I like hot dogs.

50) I’m a juggler. Stu Surprise.

51) I am a trauma surgeon. I like grilled salmon.

52) I’m a musician. I like hot dogs.

53) I am a toddler sports coach. I like tri-tip steak.

54) I’m a military grunt. I like cobbler.

55) I’m part a crime organization and work as the decoy. I like spaghetti.

56) I work as an automated spell checker. I like fish n’ chips.

57) I’m a spice runner. I like Grilled Salmon.

58) I’m a talent scout. I love mac n’ cheese.

59) I am unemployed and like pancakes.

60) I’m a desk jockey. I enjoy hot dogs.

61) I’m a criminal. I favor tri-tip steak.

Okay…who needs to go? Do you dislike people who enjoy Grilled Salmon? Petrified of jugglers? Hate the #8? I don’t care what your reasons are, just vote for the six you want to send home below.

Have a favorite? Leave a comment!


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