After the Bachelor: Chauncey, Angela, Bryan & Alex

Our former Bachelor, Chauncey Grimm and his wife, Angela, have formed a wonderful little family unit.

Since we haven’t visited them in awhile, let’s have a recap…


Chauncey Grimm

Age- Young Adult (103 days)

Traits- Supernatural Fan, Bookworm, Never Nude, Hydrophobic, Computer Whiz

Lifetime Wish- Be a Star News Anchor

Current Desires- Hug Angela Amorously,  Reach Charisma Level 8, Write 5 Best Sellers, Write 10 Novels

Favorites- Indie Rock, Irish Green, Hamburgers

Good Friends- Angela, Bryan, Alex

Friends- Pip Goodfellow, Ayden Van Gould, Bella

Job- Lead Reporter

Skills- Athletic (2), Charisma (7), Cooking (3), Handiness (2), Writing (8), Alchemy (2)


Angela Grimm

Age- Young Adult (87 days)

Traits- Overemotional, Social Butterfly, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Athletic

Lifetime Wish- Raise 5 Children

Current Desires- See Bryan age up well, Go ice skating, Have a child, Teach Bryan how to walk

Favorites- Indie Rock, French toast, Purple

Good Friends- Bryan, Alex, Chauncey

Job- Homemaker

Skills- Athletic (8), Cooking (6), Guitar (2)


Bryan Grimm

Age- Toddler (11 days)

Traits- Genius, Light Sleeper

Favorites- Singer Songwriter, Shwarma, Blue

Good Friends- Chauncey & Angela

Skills- Potty-trained


Alex Grimm

Age- Baby (5 days)

Traits- Brave, Grumpy

Favorites- French, French toast, Green

Good Friends- Angela & Chauncey


Despite having a very busy work schedule (lead report and famous novelist!), and a wife who stays at home, Chauncey is a very active parent. Here he is teaching Bryan how to talk.


Angela has been working on improving her cooking skill by reading new recipe books and watching the cooking channel.



Bryan’s favorite toys include the blocks from the table, a rocket ship he carries with him everywhere, and the doll from a distance relative which he called Hester.



Bryan playing with Hester. Angela is reading in the chair in the nursery- an activity common for both Chauncey and Angela.



Happy Snowflake Day!



Sometimes parents need to nap in the middle of the day, when the children are asleep.





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