Completion Challenge Score Update (or lack thereof)

I’m going to start posting regular updates of my Completion Challenge Score (a challenge invented by Robin S. on the Sims3Challenge group that involves completing every aspect of the game).

However, since you only earn points for a Sim when they complete their Lifetime Wish, and none of my participating Sims have yet, I have no points. I wanted to get the format for the score updates posted, though, and to give those of you who aren’t familiar with the challenge an idea of what it’s all about.

This is my second attempt to complete this challenge. This new attempt I tweaked the rules a bit- instead of a single legacy family completing all the tasks, I’m allowing multiple families from various challenges. I’m not really interested in comparing my score on this with other people, or any other competitive aspect of it being a “challenge”…I just want to play the game to its fullest.

You’ll find my list of tasks altered as well- I’ve added more. For example, I’ve included tasks for new expansions that don’t have official rules yet, as well as Lifetime Rewards (since I *never* use the things) and tasks related to venues/worlds I’ve purchased from stores (like the violin and archery skills from Dragon Valley).

I’ve made a Google Doc spreadsheet for the challenge with the entire very long list of tasks which you can view here.

Now for the current score update:

Participating Sim Families: The Gnome Hunter Legacy (Parker), Chauncey & Angela Grimm, Sebastian & Jules Vanderburg

Recent Additions:  None

Traits: 0

Careers: 0

Part-time Careers: 0

LTWs: 0

Skills: 0

Paranormal: 0

After-school Activities: 0


Gnomes: 0

New Worlds: 0

Lifetime Rewards: 0

Total: 0 

Exciting, no? Now you all know what to root for, and why I play the couples resulting from the challenges. Romance Island and The Bachelor both produce couples that contribute to this…The Lab does not. This makes me reconsider the labs post ratio…hmm…

I’m currently working on playing Chauncey & Angela. However, my week has been really hectic and stressful, and it’s just getting worse this weekend…so I’m not certain I’ll get a post out anytime soon. Early Sunday morning is a possibility.


3 thoughts on “Completion Challenge Score Update (or lack thereof)

  1. I’m using the tactic of using mulitple families as well. To my mind it’s the most practical way to get through content faster, especially since I added my own restriction of not being able to install a new EP until I’ve finished or at least experienced a fair amount of the last EP installed. Currently I’m up to Ambitions. Besides the installation restriction, I’ve also tweaked the list slightly for my own purposes since I’m also not terribly interested in comparing my game to others’ attempts at it. I’m using it mostly as a checklist to make myself do different things and try things I probably wouldn’t bother with otherwise. Good luck with your challenge 🙂

    • My thoughts exactly! I keep adding things to the list of stuff I want to try (such as the lifetime rewards) because there are SO many things I haven’t explored in this game. So, so, so many things….I need to have the multiple families in order to stick with it. I can never manage to stick with legacies for very long. Hopefully, that will change with Lucy Parker. Good luck with yours too, I love the expansion restriction thing, it sounds like something I’d do. 🙂

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