Organization Plan (and what I’m currently playing)

Thank you to the few of you who gave me feedback for how you’d prefer things to be setup on the blog.

I’m made some decisions and came up with a plan (and made a spreadsheet!).  Last night I began playing based on this new strategy!

1) I’m going to ditch Dumpster Dan. This was a fairly easy decision. Playing Dumpster has been charming, but dumpster diving is boring and things weren’t moving along as well as I had hoped due to lack of variety in what he scavenged (he had like over a dozen dining chairs and end tables, but still no bed). Also, I NEVER blogged about him here. I mentioned the progress in a couple posts, but I didn’t share his story here…only through FB photos. So, I feel like I can safely ditch him.

2) I’ll be continuing all my challenges, as well as checking in with the after-the-challenge type stories. However, new Sims created for me by friends will not be introduced as separate stories, but submitted into challenges as contestants.

3) The Gnome Hunter Legacy will continue to remain on it’s own blog.

4) I’ve set up a spreadsheet (of course!) to keep track of all the posts I make for each challenge/story. I also set it up to count the number of posts as I input the dates. I’ve divided the posts into three categories: Major Challenges (The Lab, Romance Island, The Bachelor), Legacy Challenge (Gnome Hunter), and Stories (non-challenge stories…such as Chauncey & Angela, and Sebastian & Jules).

5) I’ve developed a target ratio for posts. The Gnome Hunter will have the highest amount of posts since it’s my main story, my legacy challenge (meaning I’m trying to get to 10 generations) and the primary source for my Completion Challenge Points. Next up will be the Challenges since they are the bread n’ butter of this site and people are invested in them due to the submitted contestants. And finally there will be the stories. While the stories get the least amount of attention, this turns out to be more than I normally give them. I’ve only posted about Angela and Chauncey twice so far…and I should be at 24 according new my new target goal! This is great since they are also contributing to the completion challenge. The ration is 3:2:1 and is multiplied by the relative age of the challenge or story. Since The Lab technically started before the Gnome Hunter Legacy AND is a challenge…it’s the highest at 40 posts (a 10 (5 for age, 2 for challenge) modifier times the base number which is 4…the base number was calculated based on my highest post count). Next up is Gnome Hunter, followed by Romance Island, followed by Chauncey & Angela (since they’ve been around awhile), followed by Sebastian and Jules (they just started) followed by my New Bachelor challenge (which hasn’t started yet).

6) My Completion Challenge (a challenge where you try to do EVERYTHING in the game) is being contributed to by the Gnome Hunter Legacy, Chauncey & Angela, and Sebastian & Jules. Since I’m using characters from here and this is the main blog, I’m going to begin posting regular updates on my completion challenge score here. I’m going to do quick blurbs saying the score and maybe what I am working on next, but I’m also currently working on developing a google doc that will have the full list of requirements and the score (for folks who are interested in the details).

7) I don’t plan to always use the ratio all the time…If I feel inspired or compelled by a game, I’ll play that. The point is just to keep it roughly at the ratio to ensure I’m not ignoring any particular story and to give me some direction.

I know…some of that was complicated. Fortunately, you don’t need to understand any of it. But I added it all in there for those of you who are as weird as I am. 😉

What’s this mean?

I have some catching up to do, so initially the ratio in which I post will be a bit off. The challenge that requires the most “catch-up” is The Lab…so you can expect a few more of those soon. You can also expect sprinklings of Romance Island and Chauncey & Angela. I still plan on playing Gnome Hunter…just a bit slower than I have been recently. A New Bachelor will be in the works in the next few weeks, but it requires a lot of prepwork…so expect voting for the Bachelor soon, followed by forms for new contestants, etc…to trickle out slowly.




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