Need Help with Organizing Game/Blog Time

It’s become very obvious to me (and likely to you to) that I don’t have enough time to regularly update all my games. Particularly with my main focus being my completion challenge which has a separate blog (Diary of Lucy Parker), and because I have too many other games/challenges going on (Romance Island, The Lab, Dumpster Dan, Chauncey & Angela, Sebastian & Jules, Future Bachelor Challenges, plus I have some extra Sims that folks made for me while we were in Maine).

I imagine it’s challenging for you readers to engage in one particular storyline when you don’t get a post on it for a few months, and there are a bunch of posts in between. Is this an accurate (comments encouraged!) assessment? It’s also a bit overwhelming for me to choose which challenge I’m going to play next and for how long I’m going to play it. Therefore, I need a bit of organization. My Gnome Hunter Challenge will be considered a separate entity except where noted.

Here are my current ideas:

Continue the Status Quo: Maintain the current state of affairs- bouncing around from one challenge to the next resulting in infrequent updates on ALL challenges

Focus on rotating between three games: Select my top three games, retire the rest, and cycle between the three of them. When one challenge concludes/fizzles out/etc…for whatever reason, it can be replaced with another. Still infrequent posts, but less stories to keep track of.

Focus on a single game at a time: Choose one game and focus solely on that game until it finds it’s natural (or arbitrarily pre-determined) conclusion. Move on to the next. Frequent posts about one story.

Start a New Challenge: Ditch, or just set aside all current challenges, and start a fresh new challenge. This would let new readers, or current readers who don’t have a Sim submitted into the current challenges, participate. It would also give us a fresh storyline that we can then focus on continually until it’s natural conclusion.

Just focus on Lucy Parker: Solely focus on my major storyline, the Gnome Hunter Legacy.

Move Lucy Parker to this Blog: This can happen in conjunction with any of the above. Lucy currently has her own blog since she posts in a first-person style and I thought it’d be easier to follow if her posts came one after another- like a diary. However, I’d willing to relocate her to this blog and folks think it’ll be easier to follow, etc…

I’m indecisive on this issue, so I am looking for opinions. What would be most pleasing for you to follow along with? PLEASE let me know what you think. New readers- your feedback is also welcome! You can vote for more than one option in the poll, and leave comments.




5 thoughts on “Need Help with Organizing Game/Blog Time

    • Thank you! This is why I asked because I honestly have no idea what people would prefer. I’ll gladly continue all the challenges if folks would prefer that. I’m torn between wanting to focus on them individually, and just playing all of them. It makes me sad I can get to all of them as often as I’d like, but the idea of ditching them also makes me sad…so I don’t know.

      • If any of them are close to completion, you could just grab that particular bull by the horns until it’s done so things aren’t stretched as thin once you do continue with all of them.

  1. Rotating between them on a regular(ish) schedule might be the most manageable, though I understand how sometimes one family or game calls to you more than others do. I also think the idea of choosing one that’s near completion and focusing on it first to finish it up and get it out of the way is a good one.

    Personally I like having the Gnome Hunter story on a separate blog so it’s easy to keep up with and easy to page back to remind myself what’s happened previously.

    • Thank you! I greatly appreciate the feedback. After Kate stated that she hoped I could keep them all, I started to formulate a plan (involving a spreadsheet, of course) to keep track of how often I posted to certain challenges and when the last time was that I posted. I’m thinking I could do something where if I feel compelled to play one challenge, I can, but at the same time if I’m uncertain as to which one to play I can look and see which challenge has the least number of posts.

      Right now, none are really close to completion- only because I haven’t defined a completion time. The Bachelor has concluded, but the rest have very vague undefined end points…in fact that seem ongoing. I could put a cap on each of them, but I haven’t yet. Romance Island and The Lab allow for constantly fluctuating people. And then Angela/Chauncey and Sebastian/Jules could carry on with future generations (which would be fun). Dumpster Dan could have a feasible end…actually, he may be the one I ditch since the dumpster thing has gotten old…He’s less of a concern though since I didn’t really post about him on the blog much, just the facebook page.


      To make matters worse….I really want to start a new Bachelor, lol.

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