Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 6.5- A Decision is Made

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining:  Jules and Astoria

Last time, Sebastian still hadn’t displayed a desire to marry either of the two contestants. He was certainly in love with each, but he made no moves towards a commitment. I tried sending him home for quiet contemplation, but that failed. Next, I tried putting everyone back in the house together- another failure. So, I set up private dates for each of the contestants.

Screenshot-945 Sebastian took Astoria back to the place of their first date in an effort to be romantic. Screenshot-946 While Astoria appreciated the romantic gesture, she hasn’t appreciated his delay in making a decision. Screenshot-947 Astoria made it pretty clear that she was done with the situation in general. Screenshot-948 They tried their best to have a good remainder of the day, but they were not inclined to spend the evening together. Screenshot-950 Jules was a bit more sympathetic to Sebastian’s situation, and didn’t allow any negative feelings she had to impact their date- a picnic by the lake. Screenshot-951 The picnic went very well, and they opted to continue their date in a cabin. Screenshot-952   It went very well.


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