Romance Island: Week 1 Summary

If you are new to Romance Island, or missed some previous posts, check out the Romance Island tag.


Our first batch of participants has settled in nicely, and began romancing each other pretty quickly. A lot of flirting happened over the course of the week.

Polling Results- What you thought…

Best Match for Ariel: Oscar 33%, Abby  33%, Harry 17%, Paul 17%

Best Match for Charlie:  50% Abby, 25% Oscar, 25% Kilgore

Best Match for Abby: 20% Ariel, 20% Harry, 20% Oscar

Summary of Relationships- What they thought…

Romances: None

Friendships:  Ariel & Oscar, Harry & Ariel

Who they like the most:

Paul likes Ariel.

Johnra likes Paul.

Ariel likes Oscar.

Abby likes Oscar.

Charlie likes Oscar.

Kilgore likes Ariel.

Oscar likes Ariel.


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