The Sims 4

The Sims 4 was officially announced:

Announcement Press Conference:

And then a look at the Create-a-Sim tool (CAS):

My thoughts so far:

– The Sims look better than the Sims 3 ones, I don’t need my Sims to look realistic…they are Sims, not people…I think of them as a different species; I just want them to look good

– I love the slider tools for CAS, it looks so much easier to create unique looking Sims

– I’m not bothered by the lack of a height slider- the Sim species has long been the same height at their varying lifestages 🙂

– As someone who struggles with the current building tools, I adore the emphasis on making building homes easier!

– Sims still have traits – I would like to have seen something more complicated, but I’m okay with the current standard

– Sims have Aspirations and Goals instead of Lifetime Wishes and wishes- I’m intrigued by this. As long as they still tell me what they want and give me something to strive for

– Sims have emotions, can multitask, and their moods are influenced by their environment- Also intriguing, as long as its not too overdone, we should be okay. The introduction of Moodlets went well, I trust the creators to do emotions justice

What I need more info on:

– Genetics!! We took several steps back from Sims 2 in terms of genetics when we moved to Sims 3…I want my children to look and behave like their parents!

– The number of available traits, the aspirations and goals…I need to know if my Sims are going to have unique and complicated personalities to match their unique looks


– I’m super excited

– I will likely pre-order it


2 thoughts on “The Sims 4

  1. The Sims 4 trailer video is indeed quite impressive. EA and Maxis have made it a lot easier to customize the Sims and also build houses. The emotions aspect of the game is also quite interesting. Hopefully, this will make story telling more unique and compelling.

  2. Well, I’m a little bummed that the new ‘Create a Sims’ tool does not offer a height adjustment option like a slider or something of the sort. Nonetheless, the first look of the Sims 4 is quite good. There is a lot to look forward to in this game, from the new intuitive CAS tool, to the creative build mode and the new emotionally receptive Sims. This game is going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to start creating my stories with the Sims I’ll create once this game comes out.

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