Romance Island: Week 1, Part 3

If you are new to Romance Island, or missed some previous posts, check out the Romance Island tag.


Frequently, on Romance Island, circles of flirtation crop up where different contestants are trying to flirt with the same person (or sometimes people). Sometimes we see a twinge of jealousy when this occurs and the competing flirters like each other less.


Harry managed to tell a story so intriguing that the Butler joined in on the fun!


Oscar, the athletic bookworm…what more could a girl (or guy) want?


In addition to the resort stay, they also spent a day at the beach.


Pardon the floating -$125…didn’t realize that would be in the shot. The contestants spent their beach day swimming, playing in the ocean, relaxing on the beach and snorkeling.


Also, I think Oscar built a sand castle, but we didn’t get a picture.


Kilgore was a bit of a party-pooper on the day of the beach trip, and he left early…something about there being too many people.


The contestants were still at the beach in the evening hours, and when the full moon came out Harry transformed into his wolf form. Surprisingly, Johnra didn’t notice this transformation and continued splashing water at Harry.



Ariel and Paul flirting.


When the party returned home to make dinner, Harry’s transformation began to become a bit more obvious.


He crossed the line the following morning when he was still transformed…he sniffed Charlie in what she perceived as an inappropriate manner. She did not take it well. I think it’ll be safe to conclude these two will not end up as a couple.


Charlie making hot dogs for everyone.


Kilgore spends a lot of time by himself in the pool.


The week ended with a group snorkeling trip.


We had a group picnic on the docks before snorkeling.


Not everyone was digging the snorkeling…some preferred just swimming around and some went home early. Paul stayed out all day until I told him he had to go back to the mansion. Paul did find a ruby in the water, though, so his day was at least profitable.



Oscar was really tired…so he tried napping on the beach.

This is the end of week 1. The next post will be a summary of the relationships that have formed on the island, as well as some misc. info about the individual Sims.


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