Romance Island: Week 1, Part 2

If you are new to Romance Island, or missed some previous posts, check out the Romance Island tag.


When we left off, the contestants were staying at a local resort for an evening, and sushi and cocktails had encouraged them to pair off at the tables for some more intimate conversations.


Food was followed by sunbathing, relaxing by the pool, napping in the rooms, etc…


Beach-goers, such as Abby, also wandered into the ocean to splash around for a bit.


Lots of flirting has transpired thus far on Romance Island. Paul and Abby did just that around the campfire in the evening.

Screenshot-1048 Screenshot-1049

Some folks, such as Charlie and Oscar, decided star-bathing was also acceptable.

Screenshot-1050 Screenshot-1051

Harry managed to convince Abby to go skinny-dipping with him in the hot tub.


There was also some group conversation.


After her dip in the hot tub, Abby decided to take a nap in a lounge chair by the pool…she didn’t wake up until the morning.


Oscar….at the resort…no idea why I took this picture.


Finally, the contests were back at the house. The kitchen counter, for some reason, seems to be a common place for folks to read. Paul and Oscar can both commonly be found there.



Kilgore likes to take advantage of the entertainment center and play video games.

More Romance Island coming soon!

Still looking for activity suggestions (see previous post).


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