Romance Island: Week 1, Part 1

If you are new to Romance Island, or missed some previous posts, check out the Romance Island tag.


Welcome back to Romance Island!

Signs of romance are already blossoming in our tropical paradise!


The first thing on everyone’s mind when they arrive- “When do we get to swim in the pools?!”


The participants were quick to start up conversations with each other. I really feel like everyone is here to find love…they have all been trying very hard!


Initial (when first introduced) attraction:

– Ariel finds Paul attractive

– Abby finds Johnra attractive

– Charlie thinks Oscar is attractive

– Harry thinks Oscar is attractive

– Ariel thinks Oscar is attractive

– Ariel thinks Harry is attractive

– Johnra thinks Paul is attractive

– Abby thinks Oscar is attractive

– Oscar thinks Paul is attractive

(Seems like Oscar has a lot of options…well, who wouldn’t want a sexy lifeguard?)


One of the pools has a gorgeous waterfall which has become a favorite spot for our contestants.


Ariel didn’t waste time getting to the flirting…The first thing that happened when we arrived on the lot…Ariel flirted with Paul. Here she is shown flirting with Oscar, her second target.


The gym/pool-house seems to be more commonly used for it’s bar and television than its athletic equipment.


(Please excuse the walls-down photography that gives you a view of the gym, lol). Charlie and Harry didn’t get off to the right foot. It seems they find each other boring, and occasionally rude. I think it’s safe to already rule this match out.


The first day, the contestants were allowed to do as they pleased…get used to the house, swim in the pool, chat with other guests. However, on the second day contestants were instructed to check in at a local resort for one night for some pampering. They spent most of day 2 and day 3 here.


Food and cocktails were first on the agenda for most of the contestants after arriving at the resort. Seafood dishes, sushi and tropical drinks seemed to be popular trend.



Mealtime at the resort allowed for couples to pair off and more intimate conversations with each other.

And that concludes part one of week one of Romance Island! Please keep an eye out for part 2- coming soon! I also am almost ready with another episode of “The Lab” as well!

I’m looking for suggestions for activities that you think should happen on Romance Island…Suggestions can be anything. Don’t play the Sims and know what is available? Post anyway! Ideas can be simple activities at the house such as a “hot tub date” to the complicated “have everyone move onto a houseboat together for a week”. 


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