Welcome to Romance Island!


We’d like to welcome you to Romance Island! The Sims Reality Challenge that tries fast-track Sim couples on the path to finding their true love! And what could be a better setting for finding true love than on tropical Isla Romantica! Isla Romantica is a small private island just of the main island of Isla Paradiso!

Contestants will be dropped into the lap of luxury with everything they could possibly want in this gorgeous island home- including a Butler! Additionally, contestants will be brought to a variety of romantic destinations and participate in adventurous activities sure to bring couples closer together and get them in an amorous mood.

Contestants will continue on in the house until they find their perfect match. Couples who succeed will leave Isla Romantica but will be given $20,000 in simoleans to start them out right toward their new lives on Isla Paradiso. We will keep tabs on our “graduated” couples and provide you with updates.

While romance is encouraged on Romance Island, every interaction you witness will be of the free will of our contestants. Romance Island does not stage romance, we *set* the stage for the real thing!

Now, it is time to meet our lovely contestants!

First up, our ladies….


Meet Charlie Navine

Submitted by: Kate

Career: Law Enforcement

Lifelong Goal: Become an International Spy

Words that Describe Charlie: Shy, Eccentric, Brave, Dramatic, Rebellious

Favorite Food: Fish and Chips

Favorite Color: Torqoise

Favorite Music: Pop

Favorite Animal: Cats

Previous challenges: 2; Charlie has participated in both Chauncey’s Bachelor Challenge and Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge

A bit about me: I have had bad luck on the Bachelor so I thought I’d try my luck on Romance Island!


Meet Abby Sheldon

Submitted by: Julie

Career: Equestrian

Lifelong Goal: Adopt a Unicorn

Words that Describe Abby: Excitable, Over Emotional, Neat, Flirty, Equestrian

Favorite Food: Cheesesteak

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Music: R&B

Favorite Animal: Horses, Cats, Dogs

Previous challenges: 2; Just like Charlie, Abby has been in both Chauncey’s challenge and Sebastian’s challenge!


Meet Ariel Triton

Submitted by: Angela

Career: Resort Manager

Lifelong Goal: Own a 5 star resort

Words that Describe Ariel:  Flirty, Family-Oriented, Great Kisser, Loves the Heat, Social Butterfly

Favorite Food: Fish and Chips

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Music: Island Life

Favorite Animal: Turtles

Previous challenges: 0

A bit about her: Driven in her desire to own a 5 star resort, but not at the expense of her social life. Desire to settle down and have kids, but not until she has some fun. Flirty, but knows her limits. Not a player, but definitely a flirt. Laid back, fun-loving girl. She enjoys swimming, water sports, etc.


Meet Johnra Patois

Submitted by Sarah

Career: Sculptor

Lifelong Goal: Prove she is a Descendant of Da Vinci by becoming a master painter, sculptor and inventor

Words that Describe Johnra:  Can’t Stand Art, Disciplined, Eco-friendly, Flirty, Social Butterfly

Favorite Food: Falafel

Favorite Color: Lime

Favorite Music: Island Life

Favorite Animal: None, I prefer plants

Previous challenges: 0

A bit about her: I hate art. Here’s my latest piece. My last dolfriend was so dense that they couldn’t possibly understand my art, which I hate, and they love. ARGH!

And now the men…



Meet Harry Henderson

Submitted by: Spackle

Career: Spa Specialist

Lifelong Goal: Own a 5-star resort

Words that Describe Harry:  Couch potato, Diva, Mooch, Snob, Supernatural Fan

Favorite Food: Cookies

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Music: Classical

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Previous challenges: 0

A bit about him: A talkative werewolf who wears a blue, lamb-patterned shirt. He has a hammy, self-absorbed and pitying personality and an insatiable appetite for food (especially cookies). He recently broke off a long relationship, and is ready to start playing the field.



Meet Oscar Goode

Submitted by: Piggy

Career: Life Guard

Lifelong Goal: Rescue 50 Sims from drowning

Words that Describe Oscar: Athletic, Bookworm, Good, Good Sense of Humor, Neurotic

Favorite Food: Fish n’ Chips

Favorite Color: Seafoam

Favorite Music: Island Life

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Previous challenges: 0

A bit about him: I take my job as a lifeguard very seriously- the water is a dangerous place. In my free time, I like to read, explore the islands, water activities such as jet skiing, etc… While I meet a lot of women in my line of work, I just haven’t been meeting the right kinds of women. I want an intelligent and independent woman, someone who knows how to have fun, but also has a serious side. I’m ready for a commitment.



Meet Paul Armstrong

Submitted by: Erica

Career: Science

Lifelong Goal: Be a scientific specialist

Words that Describe Paul:  Adventurous, Easily Impressed, Genius, Supernatural Skeptic, Workaholic

Favorite Food: Tri-tip Steak

Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Music: Clasical

Favorite Animal: Cats

Previous challenges: 0



Meet Kilgore Trout

Submitted by: Randy

Career: Writer

Lifelong Goal: Reach Maximum Influence in All Social Groups

Words that Describe Kilgore:  Eccentric, Good Sense of Humor, Loner, Perceptive, Slob

Favorite Food: Waffles

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Music: Songwriter

Favorite Animal: None, I hate all living things

Previous challenges: 0

A bit about him: I am a terrible writer with brilliant ideas. I want to be a superman.


Sorry about the delay in getting this posted….I started working again, unexpectedly, and it caused turmoil in my schedule.


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