Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 6.4

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining:  Jules and Astoria

Last time, Sebastian was having a hard time deciding which of the girls he wanted to continue having a relationship with.  I sent him home to visit his parents and new baby sister hoping it would provide him some clarity.


The week spent at home failed to produce the results I had hoped for. I decided that Sebastian could alternate dating each girl until he made a decision.


We tried to arrange dates with both girls multiple times a day for several days. However,each time the girls would say they were at work. What kind of job has both of them working morning, noon and night?! I finally gave up and Sebastian and I tracked down the girls…



The game placed them as food booth workers at the festival, those poor dears barely get any time off! Clearly, this wasn’t going to work. Okay, everyone, back to the Bachelor mansion.


Once they were all under the same roof, things became a bit more intense. Sebastian couldn’t make up his mind which lady he wanted. Also, he didn’t seem to understand that being affectionate towards one woman in the presence of the other would cause jealousy. Or perhaps he just doesn’t realize threesomes are not possible in the Sims.


Luckily, the kitten that Astoria and Jules adopted while Sebastian was away was so darn cute it kept distracting everyone.


Jules was understanding and mostly tolerant of the love-triangle.


Astoria was not. Perhaps she got the wrong impression when they woohooed in Egypt? It seemed as though Astoria thought the choice was clear, and shouldn’t be this difficult to make.


Things continued to spiral downward for Astoria and Sebastian, every time they spoke it led to an argument.



It was apparent that letting them just hangout in the house was not the best option. Therefore, dates were arranged for each contestant. Will Astoria & Sebastian be able to recover their relationship on their date? Or will things continue to crumble?


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