New Challenge: Romance Island (Submissions Wanted)

Updated 6/26, 9:05am (eastern): We have female spots remaining, and 0 male spots remaining.

In honor of the new expansion pack, Island Paradise, I’ve created yet another new challenge! Since my model of using Sims created by others seems to work very well, and is something that I enjoy, this challenge will be taking advantage of that technique as well.

Romance Island will be a cross between The Lab and The Bachelor challenges, essentially! The idea is to place 8 Sims (4 male, 4 female) in a luxurious tropical paradise and wait for some relationships to form. Once a couple is formed, they will leave Romance Island and have their own story (like Chauncey & Angela from The Bachelor do) after I set them up somewhere on Isla Paradiso!

Just like the Bachelor:

– The storyline will focus heavily on romance

– The setting will be luxurious

– Sims will have their needs taken care of

– Sims will travel to romantic destinations (we’ll have group outings to the beach, resorts, scuba-diving destinations, underpopulated tropical islands, etc…)

– I will interact with the Sims (but way more restrictive)

Just like the Lab:

– Autonomous interactions will the focus; while I will care for their needs and instruct them to participate in various island activities, I will not instruct them to interact socially. In the Bachelor, each contestant gets a set amount of social interactions per date. On Romance Island, ALL social interactions will be entirely of the Sims freewill. Note: I have a mod that allows romantic interactions to be autonomous.

– All contestants will be submitted (ie, not created by me)

– Contestants will not be eliminated individually in rounds (when they win, the leave, but their story continues) (and no rose ceremonies or anything of the like)

– Continuous, as contestants leave, more are added

– Polling? I’ll likely ask blog readers to vote for future outing locations

While making your Sim, please consider the types of activities and the location. Sims that win will be living in this tropical paradise. While a Sim who loves the cold could be entertaining in this world, a loner, hydrophobic Sim who loves the cold will probably not be successful in this environment. 😉

Previous contestants welcome! If you’d like to re-submit a contestant you’ve already made for another challenge use this form: Resubmissions & Premades

If you have a Sim from your own world that you’d like to submit, and they have been uploaded to the exchange, use this form: Resubmissions & Premades

If you’d like to make a brand new Sim, use this form: Romance Island Submissions.


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