After the Bachelor: Checking in with Angela & Chauncey

Our previous Bachelor, Chauncey, is still happily married to Angela! They are a loving and affectionate couple, and I adore playing them.


Chauncey, ever a good father, enjoys spending time in nursery.



As I have mentioned, these two are super affectionate towards one another.


A happy family- Chauncey and Angela just got word they are expecting another bundle of joy. They are both hoping for a girl, but I’m sure they will love it either way.


A very typical scene in this household, Chauncey is working on his next novel while Angela plays around in the kitchen.


Chauncey reads a novel, while Angela watches the cooking channel.


It’s a snow evening, when pregnant Angela craves watermelon cobbler. Chauncey heads off to the market to purchase some watermelon, and then to the bookstore to find a recipe for cobbler.


Of course, Bryan’s new sibling would crash his birthday party!


While Angela is at the hospital, Chauncey helps Bryan through his age transition.


Bryan is now a toddler!


Welcome baby Alex! Chauncey and Angela are not disappointed their new baby is a boy, they are excited for Bryan to have someone to play with. Besides, who says they need to stop at two?


Nom. Nom. Nom.


Chauncey got a promotion, he’s now the lead news anchor.


This was a hysterical moment in the household. Bryan was in his high chair, as he had just been fed by Angela. However, Chauncey thought Bryan still needed to be fed. Chauncey kept making food for Bryan, and Bryan kept throwing the food all over the floor and his high chair as soon as Chauncey’s back was turned. Each time Bryan threw it, Chauncey would make more. It was quite comical (and messy).


2 thoughts on “After the Bachelor: Checking in with Angela & Chauncey

  1. Awww! Love seeing my simself happy!

    Also, I now need to try that messy toddler food thing in my game! I’ve never seen that! What are Bryan’s traits?

    Also, I love that Alex is their second son’s name. That’s my husband’s first name, even though he goes by Vance. 🙂

    • It was pretty hilarious!

      I think Bryan is a “Genius” and “Light Sleeper”, but don’t quote me on that. 🙂

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