Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 6.3

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining:  Jules and Astoria

In our last post, we saw Astoria’s three day vacation to Egypt with the Bachelor and the post before had Jules’ vacation. Therefore, you should anticipate this post to be the final rose ceremony. Well, it isn’t.

Sebastian hasn’t made a decision yet.

At the end of his vacations in Egypt, he appeared to love both women equally and showed no interest in marrying either one! Normally, in the final round of the Bachelor, it is easy to pick out the winner. If the relationship scores are tied (which isn’t always the case), I rely on the Bachelor’s wishes. If he wishes to marry a particular contestant, it’s clear that they’ve won. Even if there is no marriage request, having wishes about only one contestant  implies who the winner is. In this case, I have no idea who Sebastian wants to marry. Frankly, I’m not sure he actually wants to *get* married.


So, I sent Sebastian back home to his family for a week. I figured with some time off, he’d start to pop some wishes for marriage, or at least dating.


Besides, we wanted to check in and see how his baby sister was growing!


And greet the new family dog.


His parents had a bit of relationship rejuvenation while he was gone. Now, they spend most of their time ignoring their new child, and woohooing in every room in the house.


Sebastian spent his time exercising and working on his career a bit.



After a full week of being home, he hadn’t thought about *either* of the ladies ONE BIT.


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