Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 6.2

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining:  Jules and Astoria

Last time, Jules had her  one-on-one trip to Egypt with Sebastian. It was a successful trip and Sebastian was pretty confident in his relationship with Jules. Now, Astoria will make that same trip.



Just as Jules and Sebastian threw around a football, Astoria and Sebastian quickly established that tossing a baseball around would be their thing.


I also convinced these two to go to the market. Sebastian immediately found a place with music so he could do a bit of dancing.


While Sebastian danced, Astoria chatted with the natives.


Sebastian switched from dancing to a workout.


There were some romantic moments as well.


One day at the market, they borrowed some books and read outside.


It was a quiet, relaxing and lovely day.


A snake lived outside their tent for most of their stay.


Other guests and passersby would stop and check the snake out- some running away in fear.


On the last evening…well, if the tent is a rockin’…there’s likely woohoo going on inside. Or the snake got in the tent.


Watching the stars together, right before they left.

When Sebastian left this trip, he was confused. He felt very strongly about both women. Who would he choose?


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