Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 6.1

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining:  Jules and Astoria


When we last left off, Sebastian had chosen Jules and Astoria to continue on to Egypt for a three night stay. Sebastian and Astoria had an immediate physical attraction, but his relationship with Jules has developed more slowly.

Sebastian begins this final round with Jules. Together they will stay three nights in a base camp in Egypt.


Things started off pretty romantically for Jules and Sebastian in Egypt.


But quickly devolved into playing football. I think these two spent most of their time in Egypt in base camp, throwing the football around.


I did convince them to go to the market once.


They enjoyed taking their meals by the campfire…whatever food they could shove on a stick and burn became their dinner.


Sebastian showed a surprising fascination with ancient pottery, and since Jules knows how to sculpt, it was a frequent topic of conversation.


More football. Sigh.


I know you two are outdoorsy and love adventure…but I really feel that grass is an excellent place for a crocodile. Just saying.


Here’s where the adventurous duo blew my mind. Sebastian had been trying to get Jules to skinny dip with him all day, but she refused to do so in the river. So….they broke into an empty house, and skinny dipped in the pool there. WTH?


Woohoo! Well, no not exactly that, but you know what I mean. 😉


Then they had the GALL to go inside the house and make cocktails at the bar. Wow. These two are dangerous together.


Romantic dinner for two- at an actual restaurant this time!



More football.

Sebastian departed for home feeling very confident about his relationship with Jules.


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