Sebastian’s Challenge: Round 5.1

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie,  Jules, and Astoria.

Last time, we said goodbye to Asara-Bell. Her affections toward the Bachelor came too little too late. They started to develop a connection, but by then Sebastian already had strong relationship with the three remaining ladies.

Let’s take another look at our three finalists and the Bachelor. After this round, two of these ladies will be on their way to an exotic destination for three nights alone with Sebastian!

Here’s a refresher about our Bachelor, Sebastian:



Hidden Springs most eligible Bachelor, Sebastian Vanderburg, is the son of two wealthy and powerful politicians. He is a police officer in Hidden Springs. Sebastian loves to be outdoors and his favorite hobbies include exercising, sports, fishing, gardening, and pool parties. His career and hobbies keep him in great physical condition. Sebastian is looking for a woman who is active, has her own hobbies, fits in the Vanderburg lifestyle, and has a good sense of justice. He doubts he would ever marry anyone that both his mother and sister disapproved of.



Finalist #1: Astoria

Astoria: Hello, my name is Astoria and I’m the future wife of Sebastian. We are definitely destined to be together, and I’m certain this fairy tale will have a happy ending! We have a lot in common. I am also in the field of law enforcement, but I prefer the science of it, which is why I am in forensics. My ultimate goal is to be as athletic and intelligent as possible…I’m constantly improving both my body and my mind. I’m a bit of a romantic. I enjoy fruit parfait, indie music, being social, working on my career, reading, playing games, and nightlife. My favorite color is aqua and my favorite animal is the cat.

Astoria took an early lead. The chemistry between Astoria and Sebastian is very apparent, and it is safe to say that Astoria was the first one Sebastian developed romantic feelings for. But, is their relationship all about the electricity? Or do they have a strong foundation for the future?

Screenshot-430Finalist #2: Jules

Hi! I’m very excited to be here. I get along well with other people, so I am hoping to make some new friends while I’m here. Let’s see…about me? I like cooking and my favorite food is stir-fry. I love the outdoors and outdoor activities- gardening, fishing, swimming, checking out wild critters…my favorite animal is the turtle. I’m somewhat artistic with my natural talent being in sculpting. As you can tell, I like to get my hands dirty! I also enjoy exercising, hot tubs, and talking with friends. I dislike spending money…I prefer to grow or catch my own food. I listen to R&B music and my favorite color is aqua.

Jules and Sebastian have been very close since the beginning. Romance has been slow to develop, unlike his relationship with Astoria; however, it’s clear that they like each other a lot and have fun together. And there is an attraction.


Finalist #3: Frenchie

This is Frenchie’s second appearance on the Bachelor! She wasn’t right for Chauncey, but will she be right for Sebastian? Frenchie made it to very end of Chauncey’s season.

Frenchie: Chauncey and I were very close, we had a lot of deep and meaningful conversations…or so I thought. We had a lot of similar interests, but in the end…we just weren’t able to make it work. I’m excited to be on another season. I’m much more confident this time around. In fact, I’m going to make sure I win.

About me? I’ve done some thinking since the last round and I actually have new career goals. I’ve decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts. I have a sweet tooth and I just love cookies. My favorite color is lilac…and I prefer to wear pinks and purples. My goal in life is to make as many friends as possible. I believe social relationships are what give life meaning. Oh, and I love dogs, small ones. I have lots and lots of hobbies…reading, shopping, photography, enjoy local culture, attending parties and being social, gardening, painting, cooking and riding horses.

As we saw in the last Bachelor, Frenchie is just too sweet and friendly to say goodbye too. Frenchie’s friendship with Sebastian isn’t as strong as his friendship with Jules and they don’t have as many sparks as Astoria & Sebastian do.  Frenchie is the clear underdog- Can there be more to this relationship than just good conversation?



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