Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 5.3

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie,  Jules, and Astoria.

Astoria and Frenchie have been on their one-on-ones, and now it is Jules’ turn.


Sebastian took Jules to the Shoreline Cabin for their one-on-one.


They started out the date with a simple lunch made in the cabin kitchen and some conversation. I remember the conversation involved chicken, smoke detectors, and physical fitness. I’m guessing it was about a picnic for the local firemen.



Lunch was followed up by lots of conversation and flirting.While, just like the Luxury Lodge, there were other distractions (including other guests), Jules and Sebastian managed to focus just on each other. I was pretty impressed.



Sebastian tried to convince Jules to go skinny dipping in the river, but she wouldn’t have it. Normal swimming it was, but then it started raining so they ran inside.



And warmed up by the fire together, as it continued to pour outside.



Despite being very tired, neither of them wanted to end their date. They continued flirting and chatting with each other. Surprisingly, nothing more occurred.



Eventually, they both fell asleep on the couches.

Now for our very short bouquet ceremony!


Well, after that wonderful date, it’s no surprise Jules got first pick at this ceremony!



Astoria was not forgotten, however, and got the second bouquet. Both these ladies will be traveling to Egypt shortly! Sadly, Frenchie’s time in this challenge is done. Maybe third time is a charm, Frenchie?


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