Sebastian’s Challenge: Round 4.1- A Family Matter

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie,  Jules, Asara-Bell and Astoria.

Last time on the Bachelor Challenge, we had an elimination round where two ladies left: Charlie, and Ella. Ella was part of last round’s challenge. She was thought to be Sebastian’s perfect match, but the ladies proved the town wrong, and Ella was sent home We are now down to four contestants.


A strange women was in the house. Of course, Frenchie, ever the friendly one, was chatting with her.


The following morning, I discovered that she was the new butler! It makes even more sense that Frenchie was chatting her up then. Frenchie is always making friends with the service folks.


Astoria’s favorite pastime…chess. She’s always playing it when the contestants have a bit of downtime, she’s become quite good at it, though she is usually playing herself.


This round’s challenge was to meet the mother and sister of Sebastian, ladies whom he is very close to. His sister (pictured above chatting with Astoria) is Francesca, and his mother is Catarina, both of whom recently had babies! So Sebastian has a new nephew, Fernando, and a new sister, Nakisha.


While Francesca, Catarina and Nakisha were over, the fire alarm went off. Oh boy, just what we need. I immediately checked the kitchen…nothing…the grill…nothing…???? On the back porch, the ever-present journalist was being sprayed with a fire extinguisher by a firewoman, while the maid cleaned up the mess and Frenchie and Catarina watched.


As usual, Frenchie was the star of this challenge since it involved making new friends! Frenchie hit it off with both Catarina and Francesca!

Screenshot-636 Screenshot-637

Astoria managed to get along well with Catarina, but not Fran. Jules got along well with both, but not as well as Frenchie did. And Asara-Bell got along well with the sister, but not the mother. Sebastian spent the challenge playing with his new baby sister.



The journalist wasn’t phased by her mishap, and sat down, charred, on the back lawn to write a blog post about Sebastian and his ladies.


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