Sebastian’s Challenge: Round 3.2- The Third Date

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie, Charlie, Jules, Asara-Bell and Astoria.

Last time on the Bachelor Challenge, Ella, Sebastian’s “perfect match”, joined the competition. This means two contestants will be eliminated this round!

Now, who did the Bachelor pick for his third date?



The third one-on-one consisted of dinner and a movie!



The lovely Jules got a second one-on-one with the Bachelor! Wow! He must really be hitting it off with her. Before dinner, she showed off her magic skills by casting a good luck charm on the Bachelor. Sebastian didn’t seem too thrilled by this at first.



There was definitely some flirting. While the sparks aren’t quite as obvious as they are with Astoria, it’s clear they enjoy spending time together.



Jules ordered a couple of giant cookies for dinner, and Sebastian some Goopy Carbonara. They had a pleasant meal outside. Unfortunately, it started to rain shortly after, so their date was cut a bit short.


The following day was a group date- a beach party- which I had planned to do before discovering that there were not any beaches in Hidden Springs! Well, at least no sandy ones! This park will do though. They spent the afternoon swimming.



Then spent some time chatting in the evening.



Next up…the third elimination! Two contestants will say goodbye. Will the Bachelor choose to keep Ella?

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