Sebastian’s Challenge: Round 3.1- A death, a surprising visitor, and a fireball…

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie, Charlie, Jules, Asara-Bell and Astoria.

In our last round, Shana was eliminated after showing no real interest in the Bachelor.

Our next round starts of with two major surprises, the first- a visit from Grim!


I witnessed the death, it was a lightning strike just outside of the hot tub.


The butler, Isaiah, was the one to perish. The Bachelor house has its very first haunting.


More drama! Who is this new lady Sebastian is talking to? And why did she bring a suitcase with her?


Meet Ella Carlisle. The whole town thought that Ella was the *perfect* match for Sebastian before he signed up for the Bachelor. She is here to compete! She’ll have one round, but some extra alone time, to make her case to the Bachelor of why she should stay. This round TWO contestants will be eliminated to keep the numbers the same.


Charlie was sharing stories with everyone about the time she got arrested, she likes to brag about being a rebel, but sometimes the group isn’t so into it.


Oooolala! Someone is holding hands with the Bachelor! Any guesses as to whom?


Jules, our good little budding witch, makes an honest attempt to befriend Ella.


As part of this challenge, each of the contestants got a one-on-one with the Bachelor. Asara-Bell discussed her love of puppies with the Bachelor…as it turns out, he is quite a fan of puppies as well!


Ella’s one-on-one time went just fine.


Asara-Bell is more interested in Charlie’s rebellious stories, or perhaps she’s just being polite.


Meanwhile, Jules gets in sometime with Sebastian.


The following morning, Jules has given up on trying to like Ella, so she practices some magic on her!

Next up….the one-on-one date for round 3…any guesses as to who Sebastian will pick for his next one-on-one? Will he repeat a contestant? Will it be Ella?


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