Sebastian’s Challenge: Round 2.3- The Second Elimination

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie, Charlie, Jules, Asara-Bell, Astoria and Shana.

Last post the group date was rained on and the party was held inside. Most of the girls competed for the Bachelor’s attention with the exception of Shana, who appeared bored with the whole process. This post we see the end of the group date and the second bouquet ceremony.


The weather eventually cleared up and a few outdoor activities commenced.


The Bachelor cooked up some hotdogs for dinner.


And late in the evening, they made a campfire…most of the contestants were tired by this point, and headed inside.

The following day was the second bouquet ceremony. We started with seven contestants. Our first contestant to be sent home was Abby. Who will be our second contestant?


Astoria was Sebastian’s last pick in the first round. This round she was upgraded to the first choice! Sebastian was attracted to Astoria early on, but their date really put the fire underneath their relationship.


Frenchie, always good at making friends, was his second choice.


Jules was his third choice. Sebastian feels a strong attraction toward Jules.


His fourth pick was Asara-Bell. Another girl he finds attractive, however, their relationship isn’t developing quickly due to a lack of similar interests and questionable compatibility.


Sebastian’s final pick was Charlie.


That means we say goodbye to Shana. It was clear that Shana knew that this wasn’t the right match. She just wasn’t into the Bachelor. I hope Shana joins us again (I think she has a very unique beauty about her) and that the next Bachelor is more to her liking.



The evening after the ceremony, I came upon this…. Do the other contestants even stand a chance?

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