Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 2.1- A Outdoor Challenge and The Second 1-on-1

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie, Charlie, Jules, Asara-Bell, Astoria and Shana

Round 2 begins an outdoor challenge. Contestants will head to a nearby park and try their hand at fishing in the lake. The contestant who catches the most fish will be safe this round!


Shana made an interesting decision…She decided that there was too many people in the group and that she didn’t want to compete. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt her chances of staying in the competition!


Most contestants were eager to begin fishing, but Astoria opted to dive into the picnic lunch first!


Meanwhile, Shana was back at the Mansion given the bathrooms a good scrub down! No one has seen Isaiah since Abby left. Seriously, I can’t find him.


The challenge ended when the air grew chilly and a thunderstorm rolled in. All the contestants decided that was enough and headed back to the Mansion!


Jules proved she was a bit crazy by riding her broomstick home in the rain. :::shakes head::: Witches!


Sebastian chose Astoria for this round’s 1-on-1. As Sebastian said during the bouquet ceremony, he and Astoria haven’t forged a relationship yet, but there definite signs of attraction between the two. This was more than evident when I went to inform Astoria of her date and found her slow-dancing in the living room with the Bachelor! He must have said something to her.


Astoria & Sebastian went to a karaoke bar for their date. First, they chatted and flirted for a bit. Astoria was very obvious about her attraction to the Bachelor.


Next, the two of them took to the stage to sing a romantic duet…and prove that singing is not their forte!


Sebastian then did a performance by himself.


And Astoria heckled him.


Next, he did a duet with the proprietor. This man like being on stage. Sheesh!


And he ended the evening with yet another solo performance. Well, they had a good time at any rate.


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